Head of Vodafone Global Enterprise NL

Head of Vodafone Global Enterprise NL



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Publicatie: 10 oktober 2018

In January 2017 the merger of Vodafone and Ziggo in the Netherlands created a new force in telecommunications locally and an opportunity for Vodafone Global Enterprise (VGE) to expand its business across its global customer base. VGE NL is looking for a new sales leader that has the ability and experience to work in a complex stakeholder environment, serving the needs of multinational clients through VGE, while also creating profitable returns for VodafoneZiggo locally. This role is all about finding creative solutions to challenges in a highly dynamic and competitive market, while successfully managing the needs of senior stakeholders in both VGE globally and VodafoneZiggo locally. The candidate who can balance these challenges can unlock massive potential for VGE, VodafoneZiggo and their own career.

Vodafone Global Enterprise and VodafoneZiggo

Vodafone is one of the world’s leading telco players. The company has a strong history of operating through a nationally focused organization structure, with a country CEO and local P&L. In addition, to successfully serve its ~1400 global clients, Vodafone operates through Vodafone Global Enterprise. VGE is again organized in different regions, in order to serve global clients in their head office country or in countries where they have a strong presence. Each national Vodafone head office delegates authority to VGE, to manage the relations with and revenue from these multinational clients.

In the Netherlands, Vodafone and Ziggo merged into a joint venture at the start of 2017 owned equally by Vodafone Group and Liberty Global. While this allowed Vodafone to better serve its local customers, it required a new way of thinking and working by VGE to ensure the successful pursuit of new opportunities and profitable growth for both parties. VGE Netherlands is faced with the challenge of continuing to serve its clients in the best way possible – from both a Vodafone Global perspective and a VodafoneZiggo perspective.

A new team with heavy responsibilities

The Dutch VGE team consists of 3 Sales and 20 Account managers. Furthermore, the team works together with several adjacent operational and functional roles. The team reports vertically to the Global Enterprise Northern Europe Regional Director and locally to the VodafoneZiggo Business to Business Unit Director. Because of the recent organizational changes, parts of this team and the management are new to the organization. As a result, there is an opportunity for coaching and supporting team members’ development.

The Vacancy: Head of Global Enterprise NL

Vodafone is looking for an emotionally intelligent, strategically capable and diplomatic sales leader to head the Netherlands Global Enterprise division. He or she is comfortable in a senior position, but still eager to keep learning and growing in his or her career. Vodafone Global Enterprise is a supportive environment where colleagues are enthused about achieving goals and making things happen. The candidate should have the potential to develop into more senior leadership roles, potentially in different geographies or within the VodafoneZiggo venture.

Exceptionally strong leader

Because of the unique matrix setup, there can arise scenarios that do present an obvious or immediate answer meaning that solutions and priorities are not always straightforward. If these are not managed in a timely fashion with a view to satisfying the needs of all stakeholder groups, this could lead to unacceptable delays. Meanwhile, the day to day business and sales performance have to be managed effectively and to budget. Therefore, VGE needs an exceptionally strong sales leader with a talent for relationship building and a knack for operational excellence within the telco industry.

Stakeholder management

The ideal candidate can demonstrably maneuver situations where multiple senior stakeholders can have different views or priorities. He or she understands the importance of diplomacy in such situations, and is able to adapt their style according to the demands and priorities the business requires. Effectively distinguishing between these and other influencing strategies and choosing the best one per situation is a key factor for success in this role.

The ideal candidate is also highly emotionally intelligent and comfortable with duality. He or she truly values different perspectives, and makes decisions from a place of accepting and appreciating the existing grey area, rather than from a black and white point of view.

International and local experience

Given the global focus of this role, the ideal candidate has international experience in complex working environments. Because the role is located in Utrecht, and deals partially with the Dutch market, having worked in the Netherlands, understanding and speaking Dutch are a significant advantage.

Passionate about telco

The telco sector is moving fast. From a once simple, traditional product, telco has evolved into a range of products and services that include different forms of voice and unified communication, business solutions, high speed Wi-Fi, entertainment and more. Regulations regarding pricing and privacy concerns on the one hand, and rapidly increasing technological possibilities on the other hand, are keeping the industry on its toes. Customers demand more and better offerings, while competitors fight for their loyalty. In this market, what is standard now may be obsolete next year.

Vodafone can play in this market like no other. Ben Elms, Regional Director Northern Europe: ‘In terms of its assets, its capabilities, its reach and its scale, Vodafone is truly unrivaled. We have challenges, but when things go well, they go really well. Then, Vodafone is unbeatable.’

The ideal candidate has some knowledge of and is highly passionate about the telco industry, and is comfortable with the level of flexibility it demands.


  • Emotionally intelligent
  • Resilient and tenacious
  • Good listener and good influencer
  • Agile, adjustable, and flexible
  • Willing and able to take a stance if needed
  • Views leadership as both a top down and bottom up responsibility
  • Positive-minded and passionate about complex challenges


  • Demonstrable, deep and multiple experiences in commercial, strategy, management, or leadership roles
  • Proven track record of successful senior stakeholder management in highly challenging situations, preferably working in dual reporting structure
  • Blend of international and Dutch experience
  • Demonstrable knowledge of telco sector

Vodafone works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy. Contact Marlies Hoogvliet at marlies@topofminds.com for more information.

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Head of Vodafone Global Enterprise NL

In January 2017 the merger of Vodafone and Ziggo in the Netherlands created a new force in telecommunications locally and an opportunity for Vodafone Global Enterprise (VGE) to expand its business across its global customer base. VGE NL is looking for …

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