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Chama is a start-up setting a global market on fire. The two founders already have secured a substantial long-term investment to continue its extraordinary growth trajectory, enabling them to hire top talent from around the world. They currently have a new vacancy for  Growth Hacker. In this role, candidates with a background in consulting will be able to add strategy and execution power to Chama’s major customer creation plan in Brazil.


Chama’s business model is described as ‘Uber-for-home-gas-delivery’. In many emerging markets, gas delivery is a major necessary service. Take Brazil: each month, 95% of Brazilians order gas to heat their homes and cook their meals. Until now, the trade has been completely offline. Through a network of independent dealers, five major distributors provide 400 million cylinders of gas annually. Chama is the first to digitize the process and give people in emerging markets around the world faster access and more control of their home gas delivery orders.

Currently, legal and illegal dealers compete to deliver gas by phone order or from street vendors. There is a clear safety issue with illegal dealers hooking up the cylinders and potentially dangerous consequences. With Chama, consumers can feel safe knowing that only certified, legal dealers are delivering and installing the gas into their family homes. And they can choose their gas delivery by proximity of drivers to their homes, quality or price.


With the vision to quickly disrupt the residential gas market by offering customers a better, faster and cheaper way to interact with dealers, Chama has a substantial long-term investment. Vendors use the app to automate their business, access customer data and gain business intelligence into consumers including their user choices. Drivers also use the app to help them deliver the product to homes. It brings transparency to the consumer, levels the playing field among vendors, causes a shake-out of overpriced players in the industry and removes unregulated vendors from the process. Within two years, Chama will reach 10 million customers.

“We are the first digital platform in a market with 50 million customers, with a service that is highly relevant to their everyday needs.” – Read the interview with Founders Marijn van de Ven & Bram Ellens

Ellens and Van de Ven launched the Chama consumer app in November 2016. It has already far exceeded expectations with an overwhelming number of downloads. And every day, more consumers discover the ease of using Chama. There is a tireless and dedicated sales force on the ground who are hooking up dealers to the platform.

Co-founder Marijn van de Ven is the interim General Manager during this growth phase. They have built a great team (currently 50 FTE) and Van de Ven is dedicated to delivering on a clear roadmap with its challenging milestones. His focus is clear: attract and engage 10 million customers. That’s why Chama is expanding the Growth team with a Growth Hacker.


The Growth Hacker focuses on developing and implementing core initiatives that drive customer retention of the huge customer base in Brazil, which is the key metric of Chama’s business plan.

Retention at Chama is a very interesting topic to address. This is because cooking gas purchases are typically infrequent, whereas the consumption of this basic need is very consistent. As a member of the Growth Team, the Growth Hacker will focus on identifying leading indicators of retention (such as app de-install rate and customer satisfaction) and developing initiatives to improve the performance of these leading indicators. Cross-functional cooperation with Marketing, Operations, and the Product team is, therefore, a sine qua non for success.

The Growth Hacker’s starting point is the vast amount of data that is being generated from its very large customer base. As an independent thinker that takes a holistic view towards the customer, the Growth Hacker will be the first to identify new strategic topics for Chama. Setting up Design Sprints, developing dashboards or calibrating Chama’s cross-channel engagement strategy are only some of the many paths the Growth Hacker could take.

Consulting exit

The ideal candidate for this vacancy is someone with the strategic skills of a consultant, who thrives in the vibe and execution power of a digital start-up. A quick learner who can work closely with the Marketing, Operations and Product teams. But also someone who takes matters into hand as needed. A drive for business development, creative mindset and humor round out the skills needed to deliver this level of high-quality output.

As the customer base expands, a solid understanding of customer behavior will become more complicated. The Growth Hacker will also help set up and manage Chama’s BI structure. As with many start-ups, the road ahead is full of unknowns. At this stage, Chama needs another strategic thinker on the team. Someone who not only tackles customer creation issues but also takes part in strategic decision making in other areas. This will position the Growth Hacker for a more senior role in the future.

Chama works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy. Contact Jessica Lim at for more information.


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