IT and digital are key elements of the strategy of almost every company, in nearly every sector. Managers and developers are in high demand- and within this category there is a huge difference in quality. Attracting good developers is no mean feat. But Top of Minds has the know-how and the means to attract this rare talent for your company.

Highly trained IT professionals have got it made when it comes to picking a job or an employer. Developers, product owners and data engineers are being approached by recruiters regularly. It’s quite hard to reach out to them and make them keen about the job on offer. Top of Minds makes sure their approach taps into that. Their mission, the technology stack, the investors, the corporate culture are all relevant to tech talent when it comes to deciding what to do when finding a new job-Top of Minds ensures that’s where the focus lies when finding that needle in the tech stack.

The consultants of our IT practice specialize in finding developers and other talent for both corporates and scale-ups. We find the right Product Owners, UX Front-end, Back-end and Full Stack Developers and Chief Technology Officers to fit the mold.

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