Lead Information Security & Compliance

Lead Information Security & Compliance

  • IT
  • Health
  • Amsterdam
  • Minimum of 8 years' experience
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Atida is becoming the trusted gateway with which you can boost your overall health. To fulfill this ambition, the company is building a state of the art digital platform. A unique career opportunity is reserved for a Lead Information Security & Compliance.

About Atida

Atida is Hebrew for “future”. An appropriate name, since the company has a revolutionary concept in store. Linking data, e-commerce and the world of pharmacy is what Atida has in mind. A pan-European online pharmacy with an in-store experience that focuses on individual healthcare. The current company is a collection of eight acquired online pharmacies based in Germany and Spain. This makes it the third-largest player in Europe. But Atida thinks much bigger because, with more acquisitions to come, this online company will be the leading European pharmacist by 2025.

Focus on Lifestyle improvements
The idea behind the concept? Europe is seeing a strong increase in non-communicable, often chronic, diseases. Think of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression. All these disorders together account for about ninety percent of European healthcare costs. An important factor in the development of these diseases is an unhealthy way of life. But what if you want to proactively improve your lifestyle, where do you go online? Previously there was nowhere to turn to, but this is where Atida comes in.

Atida Health and Atida Pure
Atida presents two full-scale scientifically supported propositions. This autumn, the launch of Atida Pure is to come. With this branch, the company focuses on preventive care through personal nutrition programs, quality supplements, consultations and measurements. In the beginning of 2021, Atida Health will follow suit, which is a branch that focuses on curative care or: curing existing diseases with prescribed medication. In the long run, the company wants to add more products to support the individual needs of each customer.

Solid foundation
Atida has now reached the stage of high, organic growth. In order for the company to fully succeed, Atida must develop new business solutions including associated platforms in the near future. Sources of information with a refreshing customer experience based on trust, care, expertise and above all: personal and intuitive design. And as a portfolio company of London’s MARCOL – one of the largest health care investment companies – Atida has enough resources to make that happen.

It goes without saying that the healthcare market has a significant entry barrier. The Lead Information Security & Compliance ensures that the online pharmacy is safe and fully complies with all country-specific laws and regulations.

Vacancy: Lead Information Security & Compliance

The Lead Information Security & Compliance is concerned with both the technical aspect and the governance & compliance of the company. Thanks to their efforts, Atida and security are now one and the same. In this role, the Lead Information Security & Compliance is given the unique opportunity to shape two propositions that impact tens of millions of lives.

“The Lead Information Security & Compliance defines and implements Atida’s cybersecurity policy, but also determines the business posture and strategy around data security. They work in the heart of the organization and as a result easily leave their mark on Atida’s success. – David Hennessy, CTO

The connecting factor
In order to navigate the company properly, the Lead Information Security & Compliance easily connects with others. Their influence ranges from Engineers to C-level and therefore communicates easily on different levels. They like to work on a team and, together with colleagues, ensures the composition, implementation and maintenance of appropriate security levels. In addition, they keep them abreast of all safety risks and demonstrates good practices.

Securing highly sensitive data
The Lead Information Security & Compliance is aware of the impact that her / his work has or can have. They supervise and control Atida’s technology and information security. This therefore applies to all regions in which the company operates. This includes detecting weaknesses and planning and implementing security measures, so that cyber attacks, unauthorized access, corruption and / or theft do not stand a chance. And they do not succumb to stress, no matter what happens: the Lead Information Security & Compliance always keeps their head clear.

And furthermore…
Is there an information security problem? Then the Lead Information Security & Compliance is your go-to person. The ideal candidate likes to pay attention to details, thinks creatively and has a clear vision on information security. Moreover, the Lead Information Security & Compliance is never in doubt, they quickly incorporate the knowledge that has just been acquired. In addition, their hunger for new knowledge cannot be satisfied and they like to challenge existing practices to achieve better results. They feel comfortable within an organization with a start-up mentality and are happy to contribute to this innovative concept.

In short: the strength of the Lead Information Security & Compliance is clearly expressed in this greenfield operation. They will end up in a tech team comprised of seven people, report to David Hennessy (CTO), and work from the head office in Amsterdam.

Atida works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
Hayke Tjemmes at hayke.tjemmes@topofminds.com for more information.


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