Front-end Developer

Front-end Developer

  • IT
  • Health
  • Amsterdam, Madrid, Albacete, Berlin, Sofia, Remote
  • Minimum of 2 years' experience
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Atida’s goal is to help tens of millions of people live healthier lives. This new player in the online healthcare market does this with the help of a groundbreaking digital platform. The Front-end Developer develops a highly responsive, web-based user interface from scratch.

About Atida

Atida is Hebrew for the ‘future’ and precisely to make that happen the company has a revolutionary concept in mind. Connecting data, e-commerce and the world of pharmacy is what Atida has in mind. A pan-European online pharmacy with an in-store experience that focuses on individual healthcare. The current company is a bundle of eight acquired online pharmacies from Germany and Spain. This makes it the third largest player in Europe. But Atida thinks much bigger, because with more acquisitions in the pipeline, this online pharmacy will be in the European lead by 2025.

Focus on Lifestyle Improvements
The rationale behind the concept? Europe is seeing a sharp increase in non-communicable, often chronic, diseases. Think of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression. All these conditions together are responsible for about ninety percent of European healthcare costs. An important factor in the development of these diseases is an unhealthy way of life. But what if you want to proactively improve your lifestyle, where can you go online? Previously nowhere, but this is where Atida comes in.

Atida Plus and Atida Pure
Atida presents two fully scientifically substantiated propositions. In autumn of 2020, Atida Pure was launched in multiple European countries. With this branch, the company is focusing on preventive care through personalised nutrition programmes, quality supplements, consultations and measurements. In 2021, it will be the turn of Atida Plus, the branch that focuses on pharmacy. In the long term, the company wants to add more products and propositions to support the individual care needs of each customer.

Solid foundation
Atida has now reached the phase of high, organic growth. For the company to be fully successful, Atida must develop new business solutions including associated platforms. Information sources with a refreshing customer experience based on trust, care, expertise, and above all: personal and intuitive design. And as a portfolio company of London’s MARCOL – one of the largest healthcare investment companies – Atida has plenty of resources to make some progress.

Vacancy: Front-end Developer

The Front-end Developer is in the unique position of building a brand new, front-end for Atida’s European platform, which stands out both technologically and aesthetically. Flexible, structured architecture with supporting APIs, to accommodate the needs for future European growth. This means that this platform must be multilingual and ready for different products and propositions.

Converting complex questions into a top-notch front-end
‘The more complex the problem, the better’, is the Front-end Developer’s credo. They know exactly what the user needs to navigate through Atida’s e-commerce platform as optimally as possible. And then know how to convert this into easy-to-read and future-proof code. This requires thinking of the bigger picture to come up with the best possible pixel-perfect solution. A capability, also useful when the Front-end Developer encounters any problems. That way they always know how to give it a creative spin.

There is no legacy here. Only modern languages, products and concepts that come to life with your expertise. – David Hennessy, Chief Technology Officer

Multidisciplinary and multicultural collaboration
Atida’s platform will be both technically and aesthetically top of the bill. This brave and outspoken Front End Developer is collaborating a lot. Of course with their own team members, but also with the creative minds from the design team. Altogether, they keep pushing the boundaries and bring truly amazing products to life. Atida’s developers are working from two locations, in Amsterdam, and in Bulgaria.

And further…
From JSON Web Token to Babel and from TypeScript to RESTful APIs, the Front-end Developer knows exactly what to do. They oversee the bigger picture and understand the business requirements of Atida’s online care platform. They easily convert them to the corresponding technical solutions. Good to know:  with Atida, they will find a dynamic start-up and agile environment. Although the Front End Developer is working on one of Atida’s cross-functional product teams on a daily basis, they are reporting to the Platform Lead. The Front-end Developer will be based in Madrid, Albacete or Amsterdam.



Atida works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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