Director of Product Management

Director of Product Management

  • General Management
  • Technology
  • Amsterdam
  • Minimum of 10 years' experience
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Verra Mobility a global leader in smart transportation and road safety. They are currently hiring a Director of Product Management to adapt their US technology to the European market, beginning in France. The Director will form partnerships with local authorities, maintain the roadmap, manage the budget and be a sparring partner to the businesses.

About Verra Mobility

Verra Mobility (NASDAQ: VRRM) focuses on making life safer, easier, and more connected for their customers and the communities they serve. As a global leader in smart transportation, they connect people, technology, and data across the smart mobility ecosystem and their customized technology solutions solve complex transportation challenges. Their global presence in more than 15 countries and extensive partnerships with leading toll authorities, rental car fleet companies like Hertz, Enterprise, Sixt, and municipalities position them as a recognized leader in the smart mobility space. 

Verra Mobility provides their Commercial Services’ customers including rental car companies, fleet management companies, and large fleet operators with technology to help them manage tolls, violations, and vehicle registrations, as well as outsource the collection of drivers’ parking fines. Their Government Solutions’ customers consist of municipalities, school districts, and other entities. They install, maintain, and manage leading technology that positively impacts driver behavior and enhances road safety, such as red light, speed, and bus lane cameras. A poignant example is CrossingGuard, a school bus stop arm solution that incorporates all of the services required to successfully reduce illegal school bus passing, from the installation and maintenance of security cameras to event processing, payment, and court support. It is violator-funded so there are no upfront costs. What’s more: it is proven to be highly effective in protecting children as they travel to and from school. As cities become smarter and mobility becomes more complex, connected, and automated, Verra Mobility makes life safer and easier on the road ahead. 

Verra Mobility has a large US presence and their new international team in Amsterdam will launch successful services,  beginning in France. They already laid the groundwork with fine collection and forms of registered companies using transponders for 400 European companies. In 2019, they focused on tolling for B2B and direct to consumers in Madrid. Now they are ready to really hit the road running in Europe.  

“This is a really exciting time to join the organization, especially in our European market, which has a start-up energy and fast-paced mindset. Our US customers are asking for us to provide them with the same services across Europe. This role and business has tremendous growth opportunity for Verra Mobility as a whole.” – Tsjerk Roelfzema, General Manager, SVP Europe

Vacancy: Director of Product Management

This is an exciting opportunity for a seasoned professional who combines a strategic mind with an entrepreneurial spirit. The Director of Product Management will develop and launch successful innovations and go-to-market strategies for the European side of Verra Mobility.

On a day-to-day basis, the Director will deal with a wide range of challenges. From the opportunity to create/build in the European space, with the practices and technology from the US, to adopting multiple currencies, languages, VITs, and more. The Director will always maintain a clear vision of the role of product development for Verra Mobility in the future. The key responsibilities for this role are to:

  1. Ensure roadmap is maintained to seamlessly launch into new European markets.
  2. Be the sparring manager for the business to ensure and clarify the product developments.
  3. Align with technology partners both internally and externally to make sure products are developed on time and on budget.
  4. Oversee and develop system architecture to ensure it connects to the backends of tolling companies and delivers all production functionalities.
  5. Form partnerships with local authorities in different European countries and work closely with them to build trusted relationships.

Based in the Amsterdam office at least two days per week, this role requires some traveling throughout Europe.

“To fit in this role, you need to share our core company values and team mindset. We own our mistakes, take control of things, move forward quickly and collaborate together. Because there are no individual efforts. We work together and win together, as a team.” – Tsjerk Roelfzema, General Manager, SVP Europe



Verra Mobility is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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