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A better job? You need a better boss!

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When you’re looking for something new, it’s important to know what you’re after. For most people, the first points on their list are things like industry, company, type of function and working terms and conditions. Very logical. That’s exactly how recruitment sites and texts are structured.

Switch jobs? Q4 is the time to do it!

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The timing makes sense, December is a busy month with no time for reflection. Not until Christmas anyway, when reflection is at an all time high. Moreover, the year needs to be finished out in any case to secure the bonus. So January is a logical time to start looking for a job. So it seems.

Earn more, without job-hopping

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There you are; you have a challenging position at a burgeoning company, with more and more new colleagues every day. All of it very inspiring, until you find out one of those new colleagues gets paid more than you – for the same job.