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Top of Minds is market leader in the executive search sector for the new world. We provide digital executives to start & scale-ups, are the preferred supplier of the large e-commerce companies and provide corporates with the people needed for a digital transformation.

The vacancies we fill range from Product Owner to Head of Product to Chief Product Officer (CPO) / Chief Technology Officer (CTO). We mediate in the 80 – 300k salary range, including bonusses. In addition to permanent staff, we can also provide interim product specialists on very short notice.

The power of the story

Product professionals are highly content driven. The company’s vision, the distinguishing features of the business model, the progressive nature of the technology; these are all essential elements in the process of deciding to switch to a new job.

So, before we discuss the match between personal beliefs on the one hand and corporate culture on the other, the candidate’s interest is stimulated by a substantive story about the company behind the vacancy.

Top of Minds is the only executive search firm in the Netherlands with an in-house advertising agency. Our Employer Marketing team ensures the most persuasive presentation of your vacancy. Combined with our extensive and competitive reach, this mix of recruitment and marketing will result in the best candidates in a short period of time.

Our headhunting process

Our 3 steps towards results
  • 1. Storylining

    Great stories attract great people. Based on an extensive intake with the hiring manager and other stakeholders, we determine the essence of the recruitment message.

  • 2. Pitching

    Attractive content is the key factor in shaping the essence of the message. Our extensive network of top professionals in the Netherlands ensures that everyone relevant will know about your story.

  • 3. Selection

    Once an exhaustive longlist of interested candidates has been drawn up, we narrow it down to a shortlist with the most suited candidates. We do this by means of an objective scorecard and by conducting in-depth interviews. The top three is then taken through several selection rounds within your organisation, after which we facilitate the contract negotiations with the number one candidate.

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