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Acquire extra strategic thinking power?

Perhaps you have worked with strategy consulting firms such as McKinsey & Company, The Boston Consulting Group or Bain & Company in the past. You have witnessed the added value of this type of strategic thinking for the growth of your company and you would like to acquire this level of competence by hiring one or more consultants from these firms on a permanent basis – or temporarily on freelance basis. The Top of Minds consulting-exit service makes this possible.

The consultants we place at your company come from

Why do they choose you?

You are dealing with critical candidates with several options at their disposal. There is an awful lot of demand combined with a rather limited supply. All your competitors are vying for the same candidates. How do you ensure that they choose your company? And how do you ensure that the match made is sustainable, so that you only recruit people who will stay for the long-term?

Through on point recruitment

For many years, our firm has been the market leader in the ‘consulting exit’ segment: recruiting consultants for permanent positions in the business world. Our network is extensive for this segment, we are in personal contact with nearly all consultants from McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Roland Berger, Strategy&, Accenture, EY/Parthenon, Deloitte and PwC from the very first moment these people start orienting themselves on their career after consulting. This is how we provide you with access to the best the market has to offer.

Our recruitment process

Our recruitment process for strategy consultants consists of the following steps:
  • Introduction

    Long in advance, often up to two years prior to a consultant deciding to leave the consulting profession behind them, we have an initial introductory meeting. We assess their career wishes in a personal interview mainly focused on personal motives.

  • Coaching

    An exit from consulting is by no means a good idea for everyone. There are many consultants who are simply made for… consulting. And if you do get out, what can you expect? What is realistic? What do you need to develop before you are suitable for the market outside consulting?

  • Mediation

    Due to the general profile of many consultants, there are often a considerable amount of different possibilities. There are several crucial factors to consider. We help candidates narrow their 20 options down to 2.

The story behind your vacancy

Consultants are highly content-driven candidates. The best way to pique their interest is with a detailed description of the strategic challenge you have to offer. Based on an intake, our copywriters (who are themselves ex-consultants of McKinsey and BCG) create a story that both resonates with the candidates and has depth.

Executive Leadership Program

A fast-growing international company wants to attract a group of future leaders with strong strategic capabilities.

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Director Commercial Development

A pioneering e-commerce company requires an innovative edge. This is best realised with free thinkers.

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Operations Manager

Rolling out an internationally proven concept in the Netherlands in a company where numerical thinking is key.

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