Lead Agile Technical Delivery

Lead Agile Technical Delivery

  • IT
  • Health
  • Amsterdam, Madrid, Remote
  • Minimum of 8 years' experience
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The groundbreaking e-commerce platform Atida has a clear goal: improve the overall health of millions of people around the world. The Lead Agile Technical Delivery will help this newest player in the online healthcare market to come up with a tight delivery of new functionalities and changes.

About Atida

Atida is Hebrew for the ‘future’ and precisely to end this the company has a revolutionary concept in mind. Connecting data, e-commerce, and the world of online pharmacies is what Atida has in mind. A pan-European online pharmacy with an in-store experience that focuses on individual healthcare. The current company is a bundle of eight acquired online pharmacies from Germany and Spain. This makes it the third-largest player in Europe. But Atida thinks much bigger, because with more acquisitions in the pipeline, this online pharmacy will be in the European lead by 2025.

The rationale behind the concept? Europe is seeing a sharp increase in non-communicable, often chronic, diseases. Think of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression. All these conditions together are responsible for about ninety percent of European healthcare costs. An important factor in the development of these diseases is an unhealthy way of life. But what if you want to proactively improve your lifestyle, where can you go online? Previously nowhere, but exactly in this is where Atida comes in.

Atida Health and Atida Pure
Atida presents two fully scientifically proven propositions. Atida Pure was launched in the autumn of 2020. With this branch, the company focuses on preventive care by means of personal nutritional programs, quality supplements, consultations and measurements. At the beginning of 2021 it will be the turn of Atida Health, a branch that focuses on curative care or: curing existing diseases with prescribed medication. In the long term, the company wants to add more products to support the individual care needs of each customer.

Atida has now reached the phase of high, organic growth. For the company to be fully successful, Atida must develop new  business solutions short term including associated platforms. Information sources with a refreshing customer experience based on trust, care, expertise and above all: personal and intuitive design. And as a portfolio company of London’s MARCOL – one of the largest healthcare investment companies – Atida has plenty of resources to make headway.

Vacancy: Lead Agile Technical Delivery

The task of the Lead Agile Technical Delivery is crystal clear: to build an Atida-proof execution machine that guarantees a fast and pragmatic delivery. They manage the processes end-to-end and allows the delivery teams to perform to the maximum. From solving bottlenecks in the development process to optimizing communication within a multidisciplinary team, the coaching Lead Agile Technical Delivery takes care of it. No matter what.

Delivering products as effectively and efficiently as possible is what the Lead Agile Technical Delivery is all about. As a real process manager, they lead the day to day business and ensures that all Developers are on the same wavelength at all times. In addition to communicating clearly and switching gears quickly, they make sure that all Developers worldwide are working together efficiently and without any problems. By heading problem-solving sessions and conducting professional discussions, they also ensures that teams get the most out of the technology at hand.

The Lead Agile Technical Delivery has a strong technical background to ensure that Atida’s large e-commerce platform is always managed, delivered, and on the right track. For example, they have experience in the successful delivery of IT product or service sets and/or have previously supervised transformation processes within complex technology portfolios. Experience in e-commerce is essential for this position. Broad knowledge of each stack layer, on the other hand, is a plus. The Lead Agile Technical Delivery will occasionally have to assist in various development processes.

In some respects this role is comparable to that of a Scrum Master, so a background in this field is beneficial. Furthermore, IT infrastructures and Cloud technologies hold no secrets for the Lead Agile Technical Delivery. In addition, they easily keep an overview of both the big picture as well as the details of each project. In addition to setting up strong stakeholder management, they often work with Engineering Leads, Product Managers and Security Leads to stay structurally informed about future issues and priorities.

The Lead Agile Technical Delivery likes to work in a dynamic start-up environment with an innovative digital product. They report to the E-commerce Platform Lead, Shaya Pourmirza, and work from the Amsterdam head office.



Atida works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
To express your interest, contact
Hayke Tjemmes at hayke.tjemmes@topofminds.com.


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