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Head of Technology

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Impala Studios makes your life easier, more informed, and more fun due to coming up with, developing and marketing user-friendly apps. The world’s most downloaded apps to be exact. In order to ensure that the Tech team’s current hyper growth remains on the right track, the Head of Technology is to become an indispensable figure.

About Impala Studios

Whether it’s the weather forecast or checking your flight schedule, doing calculations making music or playing a game, in today’s day and age we all use our phones all the time.  And chances are you use one of Impala Studios’ apps to do so. This Dutch company has become the European leader in coming up with, developing and publishing mobile applications. Ranging from practical features to entertainment, today its 15 apps, which were all developed by Impala Studios, are top of the bill for iOs and Android worldwide.

 “As an app developer and publisher, we know exactly how to market our products successfully and how to remain at the top in the app stores rankings.” –Rodrick Slot, Managing Director

Because Impala Studios works independently, there is no large sales apparatus behind it nor an external party for its customer service. Their business model is focusing on ad sales, in app purchases and subscriptions. Here, Developers work on a full package which eventually will be downloaded by tens of millions of people.

In order to uphold its high level of quality and continuous growth, Impala Studios has been updating its organizational structure last year. This professional leap into an organization focused on the product is taking more shape every day, due to the cross-functional product teams it has set up. Impala recently made plans for opening foreign offices and has grown its team to 40 members. One of its next steps is a Head of Technology.

Vacancy: Head of Technology

A ‘once in a career opportunity’, is another moniker for the Head of Technology role at Impala Studios. They will become part of a stable agile organization, which is slap-bang in the middle of the scale-up phase, including hyper growth. The ideal surroundings for a Head of Technology who is ready, willing and able to take responsibility for their own tech team.  They will be part of the sustainable growth and international rollout of Impala Studios.

The Head of Technology knows exactly how to set up a technology powerhouse, how to maintain its upkeep, expand and manage it. The current team consists of 20 FTE ranging from Testers to Team Leads. They know exactly what roles are needed to set up the best product teams. It’s pivotal that the dream team is easily able to scale up on all fronts of the app development agenda. Furthermore, they make sure code is clean and repeatable.  the Head of Technology is part of the management team and reports directly to its Managing Director, Rodrick Slot.

“Impala Studios must become a true technology powerhouse, not a factory. With us, the people are what it’s all about. Apart from introducing processes which are running smoothly, the Head of Technology distinguishes themselves by their people-first approach. They involve all the team members, challenge them and coach them to become experts in their field, even if some of them work remotely. Eventually they are to become our CTO.” Rodrick Slot, Managing Director.

In this role the Head of Technology focuses most on the strategic process and improving the developmental speed, quality, scalability and working independently on location. They enjoy delivering swiftly, seeing the bigger picture and providing the company with practical advice.  Keeping international expansion in mind, the Head of Technology also takes into account that ‘nearshoring’ is an option. This role is tailor-made for someone who is very independent, strong at stakeholder management and well-equipped with both conceptual and critical thinking skills.

The ideal candidate for the job thinks big, but feels right at home in a small organization with some 16 different nationalities. Impala Studios has the same standards of quality as the more well-known app developers, but they value a friendly atmosphere to work in. A healthy work-life balance is key here, and working from home is just as common as working in the new ‘social hub’ in Haarlem.



Impala Studios is working with Top of Minds to fill this position.
Please contact Hayke Tjemmes via hayke.tjemmes@topofminds.com in order to express your interest.


Hayke Tjemmes Apply

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