Team Top of Minds

Many specialists form together one all-round team

Top of Minds has 40 employees. The core is the team of Recruitment Consultants, each with their own specialty. Most of them are working in perm recruitment via Executive Search, however Interim is now growing fast. Rather special is the dedicated Employer Branding team, consisting of Marketeers, Copywriters and Graphic Designers that make our clients look good.

"My professional domain is organisational development of fast growing e-commerce companies."
  • 2008   Top of Minds
  • 2005   Manager, YER Young Executive Search
  • 2003   Consultant, Roland Berger Strategy Consultant
  • 2000   Management Trainee, KPN
"Improving business performance is about understanding, leadership, and powerful transformations. The organizational structures of the future are to be built and guided by fact-driven managers who know how to gain speed."
  • 2016   Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2011    Finance Director and Chief of staff, AkzoNobel
  • 2009   Senior Manager Finance and HR, AkzoNobel
  • 2007   Finance Director, Private Equity
  • 2004   Business Controller, TNT
“Selling consumer products is all about emotion. Consumers fall for what affects them. Mastering the game at a high level is reserved only for professionals with an eye for both numbers and people.”
  • 2008   Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2005   Managing Director, PeopleSelect
  • 2003   Consultant, PeopleSelect
“Consulting is amazing. McKinsey, BCG, Bain, it is the best training ground out there. But sooner or later, you'll want out. I am specialized in exits at Engagement Manager or Principal level.”
  • 2011   Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2007  Senior Consultant Strategy & Change, IBM Deutschland
"Retail and FMCG are in an undeniable transition towards digital. That means their hiring needs are changing as well. It's exciting to be at the outset of this journey, and to be able guide my candidates and clients."
  • 2014   Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2008   Senior Selection Advisor, PostNL
"Top of Minds delivers solutions for both the short and long term. The combination of the two is my personal favorite."
  • 2018   Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2015   Owner, Bigdatarec
  • 2013   Associate Director, Resource Solutions
  • 2001   Associate Director, Robert Walters
"By telling the right story about each challenge, we help the best candidates envision themselves as the hero of a business’ adventure."
  • 2013   Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2010   Copywriter & Editor, Arena Media UK
“I worked as a Recruiter at The Boston Consulting Group for more than four years. Being at the core of consulting for such a period of time, I know what drives consultants and why they want to leave consulting after a certain amount of time."
  • 2014   Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2010   Recruiter, The Boston Consulting Group
“Commercial roles are becoming more and more analytical. Because I recently made a career switch from account management to recruitment, I can connect with clients and candidates at multiple levels.”
  • 2017   Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2012   Consultant, CTM Solution
"My expertise is recruitment at the intersection of tech and marketing. From product and digital marketing to data and business insights - it's a rapidly developing and highly impactful domain."
  • 2014   Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2013   Consultant, Epiphany
  • 2011    Associate Partner, Boer & Croon
  • 1998   Manager, YER Young Executive Search
  • 1996   HR Generalist, Holiday Inn Amsterdam
"Digitization is a megatrend. Racking up a tremendous amount of data is one thing, distilling actionable insights quite another. This creates new career opportunities for analytical professionals in all industries, especially commercial finance."
  • 2016   Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2012   Research Associate, Russell Reynolds
  • 2012   Research Analyst, Russell Reynolds
“In an increasingly digital world, it takes analytical rigor and commercial acumen to drive change. Whether that’s operational excellence, scalability or a categorical transformation. I get a kick out of bringing people and opportunities together.”
  • 2017   Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2016   Talent Acquisition Consultant, Philips
  • 2015   Senior Recruiter, PwC
  • 2012   Campus Recruiter bij Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP
“I have extensive experience in executive search at C-level. I focus on candidates in the earlier stages of their career. My background allows me to help them make the right decisions.”
  • 2018   Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2014   Global HR Practice Group Specialist, Egon Zehnder
  • 2010   Associate Research, Egon Zehnder
"A developer does not choose a job because of the ping-pong table and the free snacks. It is important that vision and mission seamlessly match personal convictions. Only then will there be a sustainable match."
  • 2019   Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2016   Recruiter, Wehkamp
  • 2011    Recruiter, SYSQA
  • 2006   Test (automation) Engineer, SYSQA
"I'm specialized in commercial roles and passionate about the innovative tech industry."
  • 2020   Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2019   Head of Business Development, Top of Minds
  • 2018   Head of Sales , Spielwork
  • 2016   Sales Manager, Deliveroo for Business
My focus is on positions at consultancy firms, from consultant to partner.
  • 2018   Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2013   Managing Consultant, Fairlane
"My area of expertise is entry-level consulting roles."
  • 2017    Top of Minds Executive Search
"I stand for Premium Interim: the speed of interim with the thoroughness of executive search. This is possible thanks to our marketing machine!"
  • 2020  Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2019   Partner, Bridgewell Search & Interim
  • 2019   Manager, Bridgewell Search & Interim
  • 2017   Consultant, Bridgewell Search & Interim
“Thanks to my commercial experience in several roles I am well able to empathize with candidates and employers within the FMCG sector.”
  • 2020   Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2019   New Business Manager, Kraft Heinz
  • 2018   Lead Field Sales & Shopper Marketing Manager, Kraft Heinz
  • 2017   Lead Retail Field Sales Team, Kraft Heinz
"I enjoy figuring out what makes people tick and providing them with expert advice on the next step in their career."
  • 2018    Top of Minds Executive Search
"The world is changing rapidly. In terms of careers, this creates new challenges as well as opportunities. I'm here to help you find your way in the new world."
  • 2021    Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2018    Executive Search Associate, Legal People Amsterdam

Lubbe Bekkering


Nina Huisman

Manager Operations

Else Schaapman

Art Director

Jaap Hoekstra


Laura Kits


Femke Kraakman

Online Marketeer

Isabelle Vos

(Online) Marketing Assistant

Tessel Schouwink

Manager Candidate Relations

Julia Sierink

Research Assistant

Annabelle Kesseler

Research Assistant

Laura van der Wal

Research Assistant

Linde Valk

Research Assistant

Celine Zwiers

Research Assistant

Lisabelle Sengonul

Finance Assistant

Dorien van Ommeren

Junior Business Controller

Rosalie Dielesen

Research Assistant

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