Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer

  • Amsterdam
  • Published on 30 March 2020
  • Minimum of 2 years experience

For whom?

  • 2+ years of experience, preferably in Full-stack development
  • Experience with NodeJS and JavaScript frameworks (such as ExpressJS and VueJS), SQL and cloud environments
  • Able to build and maintain an app from scratch

Lepaya helps professionals develop their soft skills through an innovative, impactful and mobile-first learning solution, using an app (iOS/Android) that connects to the (cloud-based) learning platform. The Back-end Developer develops the platform, crucial for the engagement and lasting impact of the training program.

About Lepaya

The market for corporate training programmes has not seen any significant innovation in recent decades. This particularly affects starters and young professionals. They don’t get the tools they need to develop optimally. Lepaya’s innovative training approach does give them those tools: flexible, fun, interactive and directly applicable classroom sessions surrounded by digital content, such as videos, articles, assignments and quizzes, which you can view anywhere, anytime on your smartphone and which ensure lasting and measurable impact.

Lepaya’s mission is to increase the efficiency among employees while at the same time making them happier. In today’s rapidly changing world, soft skills are the key. They determine 85 percent of whether you are successful in your work, according to research at Harvard University. But which soft skills do you need most? And what is the best way to develop them? In order to help professionals with these questions, Lepaya has selected the twenty most impactful skills and has designed three very concrete development programmes around them: Base! for starters, Build! for people with more experience and Beyond! for new managers. This way, professionals get exactly the development they need at specific moments in their career.

The success of their approach is evident from leading companies – such as Picnic, Bynder and bol.com – that make use of Lepaya’s expertise for the development of its employees. The scale-up has grown rapidly in recent years and will only accelerate their growth further in the coming years.

Vacancy: Full Stack Developer

The Full stack-end Developer focuses on the further development of both front- and back-end of the Lepaya platform (improving current and adding functionalities). In doing so, he or she continuously weighs up scalability, maintenance, speed and user-friendliness, to name a few examples. As a result, the Full-stack Developer has a considerable amount of impact on how the platform is further developed, but he/she also decides on changes in the tech stack and the architecture.

“At Lepaya, we are looking for people with a strong opinion and a powerful vision for the company’s future. I want a Full Stack Developer who challenges me and proactively provides solutions to do things better.” – Ahmed Omar, CTO

Lepaya’s approach is characterized by ample room for experimentation, with for now the most important goal being to increase user engagement. The more users use the app before and after classroom sessions, the greater the impact of the learning experience.

In recent times, the main focus has been on functional experiments, such as the layout and formation of buttons or the content and timing of push notifications. The Full Stack Developer will focus on the next step in this development: Adding further intelligence to the platform based on data and insights. He/she therefore works closely with Data Scientists, and sometimes also with customers, in order to test ideas directly with the end user.

Lepaya works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
Contact Hayke Tjemmes at hayke.tjemmes@topofminds.com for more information.


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Full Stack Developer

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Full Stack Developer

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Full Stack Developer

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