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Transformatie Manager

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Under the influence of technological, demographical and political factors, healthcare is changing more rapidly and drastically than ever. Mediq, a leading player in health and home care across fourteen countries, responds by introducing new business models, initiatives and approaches. Since Mediq was acquired by private equity firm Advent International in 2013, the company has transformed from a pharmaceutical wholesale business to a medical supplies and service provider. As well as a change in positioning, the company has been through an organizational transformation program in order to create more synergy through centralization.

About Mediq

Founded in 1899 in the Netherlands, Mediq became a major international player through a combination of organic and inorganic growth. As a trusted partner for millions of patients, care professionals and health insurers, they continually focus on improving the outcome, affordability and customer experience of healthcare.

Mediq strongly believes in value-based healthcare, which means with everything they do, they aim to serve three purposes:

  1. Improve medical results in the treatment of patients
  2. Bringing down costs
  3. Improve the customer experience

The rise of home care

Through a deep understanding of the market dynamics, regulations and reimbursement structures, Mediq has achieved a leading position in supplying medical devices and innovative services in every country in which it is active. Looking ahead, the ambition is to be the leading international direct-to-patient supplier.

The decision to focus on a direct-to-patient positioning is based on the insight that over the coming years, Mediq’s market landscape will continue to change at an ever-increasing rate. To name a few trends: people tend to live longer, chronic illnesses are diagnosed earlier and due to scientific progress, many fatal diseases can be controlled (if not cured). The ensuing rise of demand for care cannot be met by the existing infrastructure of hospitals. As the home care model is far more scalable than hospital care, Mediq expects to see tremendous growth of their direct-to-patient business. This will take pressure off hospital resources while relieving patients of the need to hospital visits. That means Mediq’s direct-to-patient strategy is fully aligned with the value-based healthcare methodology.

Vacancy: Transformation Manager

The Benelux organization takes part in this transformation with a program focusing on the optimization of the commercial organization, customer contact, supply chain and innovation. As the right hand of Vincent Weijers (Executive Vice President), the Transformation Manager faciltates, stimulates, motivates and accelerates the transformation agenda. He/she oversees all initiatives, coordinates cross-functional projects and acts in a “challenge and support” role towards projects owners. It’s a support function for the organization to ensure initiatives get implemented in the most pragmatic and efficient manner, allowing line functions to focus on execution. The Transformation Manager is also the first escalation level for critical issues, which means stakeholder management at all levels is key. Keeping the overview over all lines of business, this person also provides consistency to internal discussions and Board updates. An example of a strategic initiative he/she will immediately be working on is the transition to a state-of-the-art omni-channel DC in Bleiswijk (due in 2018). It will house all 20,000 products and supply them for all direct and indirect distribution channels across the Benelux.

“Affordable healthcare means continuously striving to find new efficiencies and a relentless approach to continuous innovation and improvement.” – Hans Janssen, CFO

When the transformation of marketing, sales, customer contact and supply chain starts to near completion,  Mediq will be ideally situated for generating and incubating innovative concepts to improve quality and affordability of care and the lives of many patients. The Transformation Manager will become responsible for facilitating the business in the ideation, incubation and implementation of new ideas. Over the past ten years, Mediq has already successfully introduced disruptive technologies and services internationally. A good example of a value-based healthcare initiative that is now in beta stage is offering patients the opportunity to receive chemotherapy at home. Mediq set up a pilot in collaboration with Emma Children’s Hospital AMC and KinderThuisZorg. Specialist pediatric oncology nurses visited a number of young cancer patients at home to determine whether their physical condition allowed the administration of chemotherapy. If so, Mediq ensured safe delivery of the chemotherapy administration system and the medication as prepared by Emma Children’s Hospital AMC. Because patients need to go to the hospital less often, the costs of treatment are lower and the treatment becomes less stressful, which is a win-win situation.

Proven landing spot for consultants

This is a role with huge exposure throughout the business and major impact on the organizational design of Mediq. For a strategy consultant, it’s a tremendous learning opportunity at a highly competitive private equity driven multinational. They can build on their consulting experience while being able to develop an operational and private equity track record and rapidly building a network throughout the organization, which will create leads for career progression. The role is currently filled by Kristel de Ridder, who joined Mediq from A.T. Kearney. Top of Minds is now looking for her successor as De Ridder will be promoted to Head of E-Business.

Mediq works with Top of Minds Digital Executives to fill this vacancy. Contact Roland Vetten, Partner at Top of Minds at for more information.


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