KPN’s history as the market leader in connectivity in the Netherlands dates back to the 1880s, then providing telegram and landline networks. Innovation and technology have been a central theme ever since. The focus is increasingly on innovation through data usage and data sharing. And KPN is good at this. It has won multiple prestigious innovation awards, and through its Open Innovation Hub and KPN Ventures, the company continues to pinpoint exciting innovation areas and partner with promising start- and scale ups. KPN is also future-minded in other ways – for instance, the company has been CO2-neutral since 2015, and plans to be circular in 2025.


Like any large telco, the organization is tech-heavy and its platforms develop rapidly at a large scale. KPN’s digital infrastructure is relatively advanced and the quality of its networks is excellent. Meanwhile, the competition in this industry is fierce, and it is characterized by complex (legacy) IT challenges. With over 40% market share, nearly EUR 5,5 billion revenue, and a diverse technology portfolio, the importance of strategy and implementation oversight at KPN cannot be overstated. That is where the Strategy & Transformation Office comes in.

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