The insurance industry

Wearable devices can prevent health issues, sensors detect home fires before they have ignited and robo-advisors support individuals with private investments. Meanwhile, there are also regulatory changes, such as the activation of Solvency II in January 2016. The global financial services industry is challenged as never before. It’s a highly fertile environment for FinTech startups with a disruptive character. Major global players within the insurance space are reinventing themselves and their portfolio to respond effectively. That makes this industry a challenging and satisfying environment for strategic professionals.

Aegon, a Dutch Multinational

Aegon’s Dutch roots date back to 1844. Today, they have operations in more than 20 countries. In 2015, over 61% of Aegon’s earnings originated from the Americas, where the company is known as Transamerica. With the motto “Transform Tomorrow”, Aegon is proactively developing to keep up with the shifting needs of the customer. They have launched numerous online financial solutions over the last four years, including Kroodle, Onna Onna and Knab in the Netherlands, Active Transamerica in the US and Simply Life and Secure Retirement Income in the UK.

Aegon’s Strategy

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