Disruptive digital scale-up

ZAMRO is a disruptive e-commerce scale-up, applying the B2C way of working (think Mobile, UX, A/B-testing, retargeting) to a B2B space. The key components of the formula for success are a huge gap in the market to begin with, substantial long-term investment, a team of top professionals and a great culture.

1. Huge gap in the market - They specialize in machine parts, tools and supplies for maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) for SMEs. In Europe, this market is worth over €120bn, and it’s mainly offline.

2. Substantial, long-term investment - ZAMRO is backed by ERIKS, a strategic investor, and owned by SHV, one of the Netherlands’ most successful international entrepreneurial conglomorates. This gives us the leverage to maximize our first-mover advantage.

3. Winning team The Amsterdam office is extremely fast-paced, thanks to ZAMRO's focus on hiring young, talented and highly motivated professionals. The vibe of positive collaboration will help them achieve their international goals.

4. Great culture - With over 45 experts from 8 different nationalities, ZAMRO features a respectful, multi-cultural environment. Hard work comes with great celebrations: when they launched their German webshop, they celebrated in style: with beer, bratwurst and Oktoberfest outfits.








Floris Jan Cuypers is an E-commerce expert with corporate development experience at Monitor Consulting, Philips, Google, YouTube and Spil Games.








Eric Croon is an MRO industry expert with an international track record of setting up digital practices for Baudoin, Tradcom, Hercules Hydrolic Seals and ERIKS.

The market

In Europe alone, the MRO market for small and medium enterprises is worth over €120bn. This market is mostly serviced by offline players. Based on the market developments in the US and Asia, it’s likely that 10% of the MRO trade will take place online by 2020. Recognizing the potential, Eric and Floris Jan draft a plan of attack in 2015.

The investors

Acknowledging their long-term ambitions, investor SHV established a sustainable investment roadmap for ZAMRO. ZAMRO partnered up with ERIKS, another SHV-daughter, specialized in MRO tools and products since 1940. They’re not direct competitors, as ERIKS is focused on large enterprises. Building on ERIKS’ supply chain, ZAMRO can offer SMEs more than half a million products.

Focus 2017

In October 2016, the ZAMRO webshop for the Dutch market was launched. Belgium and Germany soon followed suit. Through a mix of radio and online advertising, the webshop is attracting tens of thousands of visitors a month. In March 2017, an NPS-score of +50 is recorded, which is in line with the fact that 30% of traffic consists of returning visitors. In April 2017, it's confirmed yet again that they're on the right track, as they win the Shopping Award for Best Starter. 

Tim Noordhoek, CTO at Zamro

Working with software for almost 20 years, Tim has profound experience combining leading edge technology with practical thinking. Tim grew up in the USA and learned the business as a Software Developer and Product Owner at TMG, Development Manager at Emesa and CTO at During his career, he worked in many international environments including the Netherlands, Serbia, France and the UK. In 2016, he joined e-commerce start-up ZAMRO as their first hire in the role of CTO.

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