Senior Product Owner

Senior Product Owner

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At ZAMRO, the Product Owner is the linking pin between the business owners and a dedicated scrum team. It’s the mastermind who knows what will make the business prosper, what’s technically possible and how to make it happen.


ZAMRO is a disruptive e-commerce scale-up, applying learnings from the world of B2C e-commerce to a B2B environment. They use techniques such as UX, SEO, and marketing automation to optimize a webshop for machine parts, tools and supplies for maintenance, repair and operating (MRO), aimed at small and medium enterprises. At Top of Minds, we rate the promise of start-ups on three criteria: culture, cash and control. ZAMRO goes through the roof on all three. To find out more about this high-promise start-up at a pivotal point, visit Careers at ZAMRO.

“As the Product Owner, you understand the customer, you know what the business needs and you can anticipate what’s possible in a sprint. Once you’ve got the right vision, you can draft a roadmap, align priorities with the business and enable your scrum team to make it happen.” – Aernout Faber, Senior Product Owner at ZAMRO

Potential projects on the roadmap

As it’s still early stages, the possibilities are endless. And so is the business’ wish list. The way to prioritize is by focusing on customer experience, conversion and customer loyalty. Some examples of topics that could end up on the roadmap:

  • Integration of SAP and the Azure Data Warehouse
  • Data analysis to gain insight in the customer journey
  • A cutting-edge mobile platform
  • An innovative approach to search

For instance, let’s zoom in on the latter. The current search-functionality is set up with Apache Solr: text-based search in the database of product descriptions. But customers don’t always think in product categories and specs. More often than not, they think about the job they need the product for. It might be more convenient for the customer to enter details about the task, so that ZAMRO can recommend the right product for the job. Therefore, a possible item on the roadmap may be to develop application-driven search in addition to Solr. But it doesn’t end there. Mobile users might prefer to take a picture – of the product they need or the task they need it for – rather than type their search query. Therefore, image recognition might be part of the new search-system. Or perhaps voice-activation would create a more user-friendly interface for MRO-professionals trying to consult ZAMRO during a job. The possibilities are endless. It’s up to the Product Owner to make the right choices.

Typical activities

  • Developing a clear vision for the product and the impact on customer value
  • Building and maintaining a relationship with the business owners (Marketing, Category Management, Supply Chain) and Customer Support for input
  • Analyzing business needs together with two peers
  • Developing user stories
  • Evaluating which initiatives have the highest business value in relation to the development effort and aligning the roadmap and prioritizing the backlog accordingly
  • Liaising with the conversion rate expert, designers and developers
  • Organizing panels to deepen insight in the end-user
  • Staying up-to-date on best practices and trends in e-commerce and MRO in order to develop innovative ideas for improvement
  • Validating tickets according to the requirements

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