Unlocking Flexibility Product Manager

Unlocking Flexibility Product Manager

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Sympower is accelerating a smarter energy future by helping build smarter, cleaner renewable energy systems. The scale-up’s software platform balances supply and demand of electricity across international energy networks. Their technology unlocks flexibility in their customers’ energy consumption and leverages it on renewable energy markets. The Unlocking Flexibility Product Manager will be responsible for connecting customers to Sympower’s platform, a vital first step to maximize renewable energy utilization.

About Sympower

The shift towards a carbon-free future requires adopting renewable technologies as well as a smarter way of managing its unpredictable power output. Sympower uses proprietary technology to unlock the inherent flexibility of electrical assets and processes, which balances supply and demand across international electricity networks. This is how Sympower generates new revenue streams for its customers, protects our planet and accelerates the global transition towards Net Zero.

When customers connect to Sympower’s platform, the automated software identifies, unlocks, and dispatches the available flexibility in different energy markets. If there is a shortage or surplus of renewable power, the clean-tech scale-up can temporarily control the individual electrical assets of its customers and turn them on, off, up or down. This maximizes green energy utilization and balances the grid.

Sympower’s clients operate in a wide range of energy-intensive industries, including paper and pulp, greenhouses, data centers, the metals industry, manufacturing and cold storage facilities. The scale-up works with power companies throughout Europe, like Vattenfall and the Finnish Väre.

“The climate is changing and the time to prevent irreversible damage to our precious planet is running out. That’s why we help businesses to maximize their renewable energy usage, enabling the transition towards a fully sustainable system.” – Simon Bushell, Founder and CEO

Founded in 2015, Sympower now employs more than eighty people with about twenty-five different nationalities and  operates in nine countries including The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Israel. The company’s growth plan is to expand into many markets, including Germany, Japan, Italy, Greece and Spain.

Their strategy is to maintain its impressive growth rate by adding new geographies and launching new technologies, all to accelerate the global energy transition and combat climate change. Recently, Sympower joined the B.Corp community. The B.Corp label certifies their very high standards for social and environmental performance.

To organize for scale, Sympower is expanding its product teams and is changing the teams’ orientation from geography to product. Product Managers will have end-to-end responsibility for their products across markets. They will guide their teams and focus their efforts to maximize customer value creation and contribute to Sympower’s business objectives.

Vacancy: Unlocking Flexibility Product Manager

The main responsibility of the Unlocking Flexibility Product Manager will be to develop, improve and implement the platform module that connects the industrial equipment of customers to Sympower’s platform via hardware and APIs. This is a crucial process to remotely control and aggregate resources  and is pivotal to the company’s overall mission of accelerating renewable energy adoption.

“Our new Product Managers don’t need to be energy experts (yet). If they combine intellectual curiosity with a results-oriented approach, they will learn fast enough.” – Emile Berckmoes, Head of Product

The Unlocking Flexibility Product Manager will own the first step in Sympower’s process after contracting: connecting a customer to the platform and establishing the exchange of data. Their main priority will be to improve the current process and architecture to make it future-proof and fully leverage today’s technology, e.g., dynamic and real-time data transfer. The role is one of the key initial interfaces between Sympower and its customers and requires technical expertise in hardware, software, and APIs.

The Unlocking Flexibility Product Manager will define the product roadmap, prioritize features and capabilities, own the backlog and align with customers and internal stakeholders. They will lead and manage a team of about six Software Engineers, supported by technical experts with onsite experience. The Unlocking Flexibility Product Manager will establish priorities and set the overall direction. They will also work closely with customers, experts and colleagues in the field such as Sales Engineers, to discover, develop, and implement Sympower’s technology.

For an Unlocking Flexibility Product Manager who thrives in working with industrial processes and can clearly convey complex technical concepts, this role offers an exciting opportunity to work in an international and fast-paced environment. In addition, they will be in a position to contribute significantly to combating climate change.


Sympower is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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