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Strategy Specialist

Strategy Specialist

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Meatable is taking us to a world where everyone can eat meat without causing animal suffering and climate damage. The road to commercial production is still full of challenges. The Strategy Specialist will work with leadership to find the right solutions to the key strategic questions.

About Meatable

Meat production has become an increasingly hot topic in recent years. Industrial livestock farming consumes an incredible amount of water and the amount of space required promotes deforestation. The pictures of thousands of animals cramped into cages that are far too small are hard to forget. The solution? Stop eating meat?

Meatable believes there is a different way. The innovative biotech start-up is working on a solution that doesn’t involve compromise. It is the best of both worlds: meat for everyone who wants it, without the environmental damage and animal cruelty. The company produces cultured meat using patented OPTI-OX technology developed at Cambridge and Stanford. They use an animal-friendly sample and mimic the natural process of fat and muscle growth. It allows them to produce sustainable, efficient, and delicious meat.

What we make is not ‘kind of like’ meat. We make meat. Real, juicy, delicious meat, but without slaughtering animals, without wasting water, and without cutting down forests.” – Krijn de Nood, CEO

Meatable is growing fast and has already developed a prototype that proves the technology works. Now the company is tackling its next challenge: scaled, commercial production with consistent quality. Meatable secured its Series A funding round earlier this year. With these funds it is now in the process of moving from a start-up to a scale-up organization – and pre-emptively solving all the challenges associated with this transformation. Meatable is expediting the timelines and progression of its research, and is also investing in the commercialization of products and the development of the organization.

Vacancy: Strategy Specialist

At Meatable, a better world really does start with you (and your colleagues). The Strategy Specialist will single-handedly manage a diverse range of strategic projects across multiple areas of the organization, helping Meatable to deliver on its promise. They will become part of the company’s in-house Strategy & Commerce Team.

We’re looking for a talented strategic thinker who can work effectively with a wide range of personalities – from their colleagues in Strategy and Commerce to the researchers in R&D. And someone who can quickly understand the science behind Meatable.” – Caroline Wilschut, Director of Commerce & Strategy

The Strategy Specialist will assist Meatable’s Leadership Team by providing the data, analyses, and knowledge to make the correct strategic decisions in shaping the company’s future. They derive their insights from both internal (e.g., input from R&D and Operations) and external (e.g., market research, market assessments, and competitive analyses) sources. Additionally, the Strategy Specialist will be responsible for implementing change in the organization (e.g., new tooling and planning), preparing meetings, and assisting with investor-facing storylines, presentations, and analyses. 

In a fast-paced and rapidly developing business unique challenges and projects will continue to arise. Strategic projects to be executed in the coming year could include: demand forecasting (sizing and forecasting addressable market and share), setting up new functions, developing the product strategy (proposed portfolio and timing), and mapping outsourcing and acquisition opportunities across the value chain. All of these projects will require close collaboration with R&D, Commerce, and Food Science. 

To work effectively on the full scope of potential projects and collaborate well with strategists and researchers alike, the Strategy Specialist will need to be able to grasp Meatable’s process and the science behind it. A background in biotech could therefore be particularly helpful. They should be able to take on projects autonomously and be comfortable working in a constantly changing environment.

The Strategy Specialist will have plenty of freedom to tackle Meatable’s strategic challenges. They will work with a team of bright colleagues, including the Strategy Manager (5+ years at Strategy&), the Director of Commerce & Strategy (10+ years at BCG) and the CEO (7+ years at McKinsey). This role will be a great adventure for an experienced consultant who wants to help build a company with the potential to make the world a better place.



Meatable is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
To express your interest, please contact Imke Peters at


Strategy Specialist Solliciteer

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