Strategic HR Business Partner

Strategic HR Business Partner

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  • Gepubliceerd op: 2 april 2021
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  • 8+ years of work experience
  • Master’s degree in e.g. HR, Business Management or Psychology
  • Manufacturing and/or Supply Chain experience
  • Business and financial acumen
  • Expierence in HR practices with strategic topics and business view

Kramp – Europe’s leading agricultural wholesaler – is currently taking their HR organization to the next level. The new Strategic HR Consultant embodies these changes. They are a business partner to the Executive Board and introduce a highly strategic approach to HR.

About Kramp

Kramp is the largest agricultural wholesaler in Europe, with a product range hosting more than 500,000 different products. If you order today, the delivery driver will be at your doorstep the very next morning. It is just that kind of dedication that guarantees no customer has to worry about downtime, making Kramp the ultimate one-stop-shop for every agricultural dealer.

Kramp is so much more than just a supplier of parts. Digitization and e-commerce have been the key to Kramp’s growth and success since 2001, when Kramp launched their initial B2B e-commerce solution. Continuous innovation around services and digital solutions has helped Kramp earn a leading role in the market and a place as the digital leader, ahead of the others in the industry.

Kramp continues to see strong growth, year after year, both organically and through strategic acquisitions. With 11 distribution centers, 22 sales offices across Europe, and more than 3,500 employees, the company reported over €950 million in consolidated turnover in 2020. The company has a strong, digitalization-focused plan in place to break the €1 billion turnover mark within this strategic planning horizon. As a leading, innovative player in this rock-solid niche, Kramp is perfectly positioned to make that ambition come about.

Vacancy: Strategic HR Business Partner

Kramp is currently undergoing an HR transformation, shifting from an operational way of working towards a strategic and proactive approach. As a highly strategic and business-minded individual, the Strategic HR BP embodies these changes. They partner with Kramp’s Executive Board and Leadership Team members and are deeply involved in strategic discussions. The Strategic HR BP translates the overall strategy into the people and organization’s agenda, for which they lead the implementation.

The Strategic HR BP is an HR business partner with a pan-European outlook. They focus on strategic and long-term HR topics such as organizational design, governance, strategic workforce planning, leadership, succession planning, and talent and performance management. As part of a supply chain and operations-focused company, the Strategic HR BP is also concerned with themes around e.g., warehouse footprint, continuous improvement culture, temp to fix ratios, and health and safety. Additionally, they are involved in M&A and post-merger integrations to assess and manage the staff.

As an experienced HR business partner, the Strategic HR BP understands business needs. They know which KPIs drive value and how people and the way things are organized can be the key to success. They also partner with HR expertise centers to continuously improve HR practices, such as frameworks, policies, culture, and values. The Strategic HR BP is part of the HR Leadership Team and co-owns Kramp’s people strategy.



Kramp works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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Strategic HR Business Partner

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Strategic HR Business Partner

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Strategic HR Business Partner

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