Product Owner Mobile

Product Owner Mobile

Amsterdam, Publicatie: 28 september 2017 is an Amsterdam-based start-up, providing the traditional fashion industry’s digital transition with a boost. In January 2017, the first version of the online platform was launched, which enables fashion brands and retailers to connect and discover new sales channels and collections. An online platform designed to make both buying and selling easier, more transparent and more efficient. The Product Owner Mobile will be part of the team creating the one-stop marketplace for fashion brands and retailers.

FashionTrade was founded in early 2016. Before FashionTrade, brands and retailers predominantly met offline, mainly at fairs, making the purchasing process very time-consuming. FashionTrade changes this by developing an online (social) marketplace with the commercial functionalities of a B2B-tool.

FashionTrade’s ambitions

FashionTrade has ambitious plans. The platform is live in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The next step is to conquer Scandinavia and Southern Europe. Another pillar of growth is expansion on category-level. The concept has proven its worth in the children’s wear category. Starting in the summer of 2017, FashionTrade will also include men’s and ladies’ fashion. Furthermore, there are two important add-ons that turn this into an essential tool for its end-users. Firstly, the ‘connecting’ functionality: through the use of rich content profiles, retailers and brands can decide who they match with. Secondly, the data insights: there currently is a lack of insight into the data of the entire fashion industry. FashionTrade will make this a reality, making sure purchasing based on gut feelings is a thing of the past.

Summing up: the business model is solid, the first brands and retailers have set up profiles and conducted transactions, the funding is in place, there is an abundance of expertise and the goals for the coming year have been set. With the upcoming launch of FashionTrade’s mobile app, the only thing that’s missing is a Product Owner.

Vacancy for Product Owner Mobile

The minimum viable product for was launched in January 2017. In the meantime, the backlog for the coming months has filled up considerably. Some of these planned features are:

  • Superior search & filtering – Search should be simple, especially for mobile, but it takes effort to achieve that.
  • Product recommendations – This should go beyond the ‘someone like you also bought’. The aim is to provide retailers with useful suggestions throughout the platform, based on past buying, current stock, local trends and input from the brands.
  • Connection recommendations – Based on currently connected brands, style interests and Instagram likes, FashionTrade will recommend brands and retailers as potential partners, to do business.

FashionTrade wants to bring the inspirational ambience of the fashion fair into the 21st century, providing brands and retailers innovative online platform to connect and interact with one another. Using data to both optimise and identify new features will be a key aspect of the role of Product Owner Mobile. The Product Owner will be jointly responsible for arranging user testing together with the design and data teams, analysing feedback and overlaying this with other data to make product decisions.

Candidate Profile


  • Ambitious
  • Energetic
  • Communicative
  • Teamplayer
  • Sensitive
  • Confident


  • At least 4 years in online
  • Of which 2 as Product Owner
  • End-to-end processes (concept, requirements, development, testing, launch)
  • Micro-services architecture, Google Cloud, JAVA backend
  • Fast-paced, dynamic start-up culture
  • Fashion industry experience is an advantage

Recruiter Top of Minds Amsterdam

Jessica Lim

Senior Consultant


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Product Owner Mobile is Amsterdamse start-up met een ambitieuze missie: de digitale transitie van de internationale fashionwereld. Het online platform brengt kledingmerken en verkopers met elkaar in... Lees meer