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Marketing & Communications Manager

Marketing & Communications Manager

  • Marketing
  • Consumer
  • Delft
  • Vanaf 7 jaar werkervaring
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Meatable is a global frontrunner in cultivated meat: they make real meat without harming animals or the planet. After a fifty million dollar funding in 2021, the organization is scaling fast and preparing for market launch. The Marketing & Communications Manager builds Meatable’s global brand awareness and leads the growing MarCom team. This is an exciting opportunity for a seasoned and ambitious marketeer to join a revolutionary company early on and put it on the map.

About Meatable

Meatable is on a mission to satisfy the world’s appetite for meat without harming people, animals, or the planet by making 100% real, delicious, guilt-free meat. The company cultivates meat out of one cell, producing a burger or filet without the involvement of an actual animal, yet with the culinary experience of eating tasty, real meat.

Meatable is growing fast and rapidly transitioning from a research-oriented company to a consumer organization. In 2021, it secured Series A funding of USD 50 million and made significant scientific progress in building prototype 2.0. For 2022, the company is focusing on expanding the organization (from about ten people in early 2021 to sixty-ish people now, to about 120 people by the end of 2022) and growing towards a consumer-focused approach.

This also means ramping up the commercial team. For this year, the primary focus of this team is on global press and PR, as the company is getting ready to take center stage in the conversation about cultivated meat. By the end of 2022 and early 2023, the objective of this team will shift to building a marketing and sales organization in preparation for launch, likely in Singapore first and the USA next.

“We are a frontrunner in an exciting industry and have the potential to significantly impact global eating habits, as well as animal welfare and climate challenges.” – Krijn de Nood, Founder & CEO

Everyone in the organization shares an affinity for Meatable’s mission and product, loving meat but not the farming industry. Many are also excited about the science behind the product and what it means for the future of the food industry. While the team is based in Delft, The Netherlands, the company is part of a global landscape. This means that it still operates as a scale-up, but it’s thinking big from the start.

Vacancy: Marketing & Communications Manager

The Marketing & Communications Manager is fully responsible for driving and developing Meatable’s marketing and communication activities and organization. They will report directly to the Director Commerce & Strategy. The first goal is to increase Meatable’s brand awareness and take the company center stage in the conversation on cultivated meat. This will include the design and development of all MarCom plans and may entail online, social, events, press, PR/PA, and campaigns. The second goal is to build and lead the MarCom team. This involves managing the comms/PR specialists, attracting new hires/freelancers/agencies, and developing the press/PR network globally. It also involves further professionalization of the team’s way of working, milestones planning, monitoring, and internal processes. This requires the ability to think creatively, try new things, roll up the sleeves, and above all, to inspire others on Meatable’s mission.

“One key marketing and communication challenge is to build trust and convince customers of the safety and quality of this novelty food.” – Caroline Wilschut, Director Commerce & Strategy

Furthermore, the Marketing & Communications Manager defines what is needed for the Marketing & Sales team to be prepared for the launch. This may include the set-up of new local sales teams, managing relationships with marketing agencies, media partners, and suppliers, and fully owning planning and execution of events and campaigns.

This is an excellent opportunity for a hands-on, seasoned marketing and communications manager to join a fast-growing company with a revolutionary mission and put it on the map from the earliest days on.



Meatable works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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