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Coconut water has shed its image of favorite holiday drink a long time ago. Yet, as it is low in calories and contains less sugar than many fruit juices, this makes it a perfect fit for a healthy lifestyle. Besides, the coconut has much more to offer. There’s a reason Aurantiaca is known as the true Coconut Company; the company uses every last piece of the coconut and is always looking for ways to come with innovative products based on coconuts. The new Insights Manager will keep initiating these innovations by mapping trends and business opportunities while backing them up with data insights.    

The number one brand in coconut water

With innovative, high-quality and fully traceable fair trade products Aurantiaca sets the new standard for coconut products. Currently, Aurantiaca’s most important product is coconut water, which is sold under the brand name Obrigado, the number one brand in coconut water. Also a cocodrink based on coconut milk in several flavors is recently introduced and there are new beverages in the innovation pipeline.

Nothing but the best quality coconuts

Aurantiaca is able to guarantee their high level of quality because it’s the only coconut water producer that grows its own coconuts. Moreover, the production process has been carefully designed to guarantee quality results. During the process of growing the trees and the fruit, the company uses various state of the art modern techniques like real time monitoring and a state-of-the-art irrigation system.

Healthy innovation

Obrigado coconut water is extracted from the coconuts through a unique method, and this is exactly what distinguishes it from many other kinds of coconut water. The juice never comes in contact with light or outside air and it contains no additives. This doesn’t just ensure a deliciously pure flavor, it also makes it a more healthy drink. This way, Obrigado caters to one of the most important current trends: a healthy lifestyle. Their other high quality products are perfectly aligned with this mindset. Aurantiaca will continue their search for other applications for this versatile fruit to ensure they stay ahead of the game.



Besides their continuous search for product improvements and innovation, Aurantiaca also values sustainability. This is evidenced by the fact that the company isn’t just concerned about the environment, they also make sure they don’t lose sight of their social responsibility as entrepreneurs.

Aurantiaca’s palm plantation is about 6000 hectares in size, though only 30% is used for growing coconuts. The rest of it is rain forest, protected by Aurantiaca. A unique characteristic of Aurantiaca’s production process is that no part of the coconut goes to waste. The white flesh is used to make coconut milk or in the future coconut oil, and a sister company, Frysk Industrial, turns the coconut’s bark into biodegradable anti-erosion mats.

The company also takes care of the native population around the plantation. Through their own foundation, Aurantiaca supports education and local cultural projects. The foundation has renovated a local school, for example. Since then, it has been turned into a modern school with four class rooms, a computer lab and a cafeteria in which 170 kids get breakfast and a hot lunch every day. [/box]

Obrigado is conquering Europe

In 2006, Aurantiaca embarked on their mission to become the most sustainable and most popular company in the coconut/agri-business in Brazil. In 2016, Aurantiaca expanded into the United States and Europe to turn Obrigado into a global brand. The company is taking over the European market, starting in Amsterdam. In The Netherlands you can already find Obrigado at Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Plus, Total gas stations and some smaller outlets like for example the Equal yoga studios. In the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and England Obrigado is hard at work in order to conquer a solid market position.

Vacancy: Insights Manager

It is now time to get organized in the optimum way in order to grow. An important part of growth is the expansion of the Global Marketing organization. Currently, in the US they’re looking for an Innovations Manager and a Digital Marketing Manager, and in Amsterdam there is the look for an Insights Manager. The team, yet to be assembled, will be the bridge between Brazil and the country offices all over the world. By generating insights, building business cases and putting together campaigns, the global team will ensure the countries can fully focus on the rotation of the new products.

Boosting innovation

The Insights Manager is an initiator. He/she identifies trends and business opportunities in the realm of innovation. Through the use of data, the Insights Manager helps the organization in order to get a better understanding of customer needs and behavior. This varies from market research into product innovation, to research into the consumer’s media use and interests to ensure optimal targeting during marketing campaigns. The Insights Manager is capable of conducting this research by him- or herself, but is also able to manage (external) employees when needed.

Dynamic and international environment

The Insights Manager reports directly to the Global Marketing Director and also supports him with presentations and planning. The Global Marketing Director is travelling frequently so a high level of independence is important for this role. The Insights Manager will be accompanying the Global Marketing Director on a regular basis, especially to Brazil and the US. This requires flexibility when it comes to the cultural differences within the organization. He/she enjoys learning about other cultures and is able to recognize the sensitivities that come with them.

The Candidate:


  • Strong analytical skills
  • Independent, strong personality
  • Flexible, capable of improvising


  • University degree
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience
  • Knowledge of the latest developments in the data insights field



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