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Head of Product

Head of Product

  • Scale-up
  • Energy
  • Amsterdam
  • Vanaf 5 jaar werkervaring
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If it were possible, we would kiss fossil fuels goodbye tomorrow. Unfortunately, we aren’t there yet. But innovative scale-ups like Sympower are getting us closer and closer to that goal. The Head of Product will be responsible for the product vision and strategy and will help guarantee a successful rollout to other countries. 

About Sympower

The climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges facing society today. We have to move towards a net-zero world, with no place for fossil fuels. That requires innovative technologies to tap into renewable energy. But that is not all: people and businesses will also have to use renewable energy in a smarter, more efficient way. 

That is exactly what Sympower does. By matching supply and demand, society can be smarter about how unpredictable sustainable energy is used. Whenever there is a shortage or surplus of power on the electricity grid, Sympower temporarily switches appliances on or off, or turns them up or down. By monitoring this balance, the world becomes less and less dependent on fossil fuels, maximizing the amount of green energy that is used.

Massive growth potential
Sympower’s solution can be used in companies, greenhouses, data centers, and electric car charging systems. The potential and growth possibilities of the platform are enormous. 

This independent scale-up is growing rapidly, with a presence in six countries. That number is expected to double in the coming year, as is the number of employees (currently around 80 FTE). More than half of those employees work for the Product Engineering Team, a uniquely international and incredibly diverse team with almost 25 nationalities (working in nine different countries). In the Netherlands, the team operates from the head office in Amsterdam.

Vacancy: Head of Product

In a world and market that are changing so fast, the Head of Product represents an important benchmark. They should have a crystal clear vision of the future of this energy platform and know what is needed to make it grow even further, as quickly as possible. They will use that knowledge to map out solid short- and long-term strategies. Innovation and scalability are crucial to achieving Sympower’s mission. The Head of Product will constantly have that mission in mind when developing and executing the roadmap.

Flexibility is essential for the energy transition. Our technology makes a significant contribution to accelerating that transition. With stricter legislation from the EU and the recent boom in renewables, this is the perfect time to fully commit to continued growth, laying the foundation for a cleaner, more sustainable world.” – Simon Bushell, CEO 

In addition to being a strategic thinker, the Head of Product will also be a strong communicator. They act as the bridge between the product team, the engineers, and the commercial team, ensuring the greatest possible alignment between those teams. At a dynamic, fast-growing scale-up like Sympower, that can sometimes be a real challenge.

The Head of Product will lead the Product Team of five Product Managers and one Product Designer. The Head of Product will also further expand that team as the company grows. They will empower and inspire people to be their best selves and achieve fantastic results by continuously motivating, coaching, and occasionally challenging the team – in no particular order. The Head of Product will report directly to the CEO, Simon Bushell, and has the ambition to grow into the role of CPO in the foreseeable future.


Sympower is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
To express your interest, please contact Hayke Tjemmes at


Hayke Tjemmes Solliciteer
Marlies Hoogvliet - Partner

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