Director of Automation

Director of Automation

  • IT
  • Consumer
  • Utrecht
  • Vanaf 8 jaar werkervaring
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  • Minimum of 8 years of working experience
  • Passion for automation and innovation
  • Extensive CRM knowledge and experience (e.g. Zendesk)
  • Client interaction
  • Stakeholder management
  • Leadership skills

* Research shows that while male candidates feel confident enough to apply when they meet about 60% of the requirements, female candidates only apply when they tick every box. So if this role has your name on it, but you’re not sure about the criteria, we still want to hear from you.

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5CA is a global community of work-from-home ‘gamers and geeks,’ who are rethinking Customer Experience (CX) for brands worldwide. One of 5CA’s increasing capabilities is process automation. Now the company is hiring a Director of Automation to push this development forward technically and commercially, within 5CA and outside.

In 1998, 5CA was founded with a simple idea. As society was embracing more technology, the founders identified a gap to support clients with its use. 5CA’s strategy is to give customers that use technology a superior experience, on any channel, and in any language.

From its humble beginnings in The Netherlands, 5CA’s supports clients around the world, from Pakistan to Argentina. While the HQ is still in Utrecht, their global reach now spans 95 countries, thanks to 5CA’s pioneering work-from-home approach. All the CX employees (‘agents’) work 100% offsite using a remote operating model that lets 5CA source and deploy the best international talent. The highly engaged, digitally native agents have the right knowledge and a genuine passion for the brands they support.

“5CA’s secure cloud-based ecosystem helps our CX employees worldwide to excel at their jobs, while the company’s in-depth insights allow brands to fully customize and optimize CX,” Nick Pauli, Chief Executive Officer at 5CA

5CA describes their people as their ‘superpower’ and is a culturally-strong and diverse company to work for. They give employees a place to feel at home while they work from home. Their blended, human-centric culture spans 70+ nationalities, with agents from all walks of life, hobbies and interests.

The automation technology has developed into one of 5CA’s strongest offerings. The company is far ahead in citizen development by enabling local customer service agents to set up automation solutions, with no or low coding. Now they need a dedicated Director of Automation to push this exciting development further within and outside of 5CA; commercializing the capability and leading the related teams.

Vacancy: Director of Automation

Thanks to its promising innovation for 5CA’s business model, automation is at the core of 5CA’s strategy. The Director of Automation will manage automation projects and deliver this initiative across the map, inside and outside of 5CA.

“Putting automation at the fingertips of our people, with low-coding, is an example of how we enable them to improve and achieve more. I see this change in our business model as a tremendous opportunity,” David Bos, Chief Technology Officer at 5CA

The Director of Automation will lead automation project opportunities, both inside and outside of 5CA. Internally, they will support automated processes for 5CA’s CX agents and improve interactions with clients. And they will also focus on its external needs, as 5CA increasingly offers more automation solutions as a service for existing clients.

Recently, 5CA showed a proof of concept for their automation capability to an existing client. The Automation team set up an initial pilot to reduce ticket handling time and improve client contact drivers. This has already reduced average client handling time by 23%. The Director of Automation will be excited to share this success story and other use cases while spreading the buzz around automation opportunities.

This role will lead both the Automation and the App Lead teams. They are made up ten to twelve technical professionals that work on automation projects based on Zendesk and Microsoft Power apps. The Director of Automation will strengthen the teams’ business perspective, prioritization, strategic leadership and client interaction, rather than mere technological advancement.

The Director of Automation will closely collaborate with the team of directors, including the Director of Operations and Director of Account Management, and the company board. They are all holistically committed to bringing the automation capability to the forefront of business and this position will play a vital role to achieve this success.



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