Continuous Excellence Manager

Continuous Excellence Manager

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As the world’s largest food company, Nestlé is loved for brands such as Nespresso, Nescafé, Kit Kat, Lion and Maggi, and very prominent in the petcare domain with brands such as Purina, Gourmet and Felix. Active in 84 different countries, Nestlé values local traditions and cultural differences. The key to worldwide success is being able to respond to market conditions and developments. Therefore, Nestlé’s country organizations have high levels of autonomy and flexibility. Across all categories, areas and levels, all 339,000 employees worldwide share the same objective: bringing consumers “Good Food, Good Life”.

Nestlé Continuous Excellence program

Nestlé has developed a business model to help manufacturing and research facilities adapt better to their ever-changing environment. Inspiration was drawn from Lean, Six Sigma, Agile and various safety and quality management programs. Nestlé Continuous Excellence (NCE) provides the toolbox for a new way of working where everybody continuously strives to improve and everybody is aligned on what consumers and customers value. As results in terms of safety, efficiency, effectiveness and employee happiness were staggering, NCE was developed further so that it could be rolled out to commercial organizations, helping them adapt to their new way of working as well. The NCE model is defined in terms of foundations (compliance, leadership development, goal alignment) and advanced practices (Lean Value Stream, Lean Office, Lean Innovation and TPM).

Vacancy for a Continuous Excellence Manager

Following success stories from throughout Europe, Nestlé Netherlands is eager to fully embrace the NCE way of working. To speed up this process, they have created the role of Continuous Excellence Manager. A sparring partner for the CEO and management teams in terms of strategy development, trainer who will familiarize colleagues with the tools and coach to help people managers with the leadership development aspects of NCE.


The Continuous Excellence Manager will report to the Head of Human Resources Pieter Klapwijk, who is HR responsible for the majority of Nestlé’s business in the Netherlands (Petcare, Drinks, Culinary, Confectionary and Professional). Together with Klapwijk and CEO Marc-Aurel Boersch, this Consultant will draft up the roadmap for helping all departments of all businesses implement NCE, starting with Purina. Time spend will average 50% on Purina and 50% on all other businesses. Progress will be measured and the organization will be audited, so success will be very tangible.

Career path

As this is a highly visible role within the organisation, it will open many doors for professional development, both within the commercial organization and internationally. That makes this an excellent landing spot for management consultants, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the organization and build a network while creating a more efficient, agile, profitable and happy workplace for everyone.


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