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Strategy Officer

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Kramp is a hidden gem: the B2B niche player in agricultural parts is the market leader in Europe, has been growing for years, and is the leader of innovation in its industry. The new Strategy Officer leads the next strategic cycle: Strategy2025. He/she manages the strategy development and execution, working closely together with all Executive Board members and country leadership.

About Kramp

Kramp is the number one agricultural wholesaler in Europe with an assortment consisting of over 850.000 different parts. Through their offerings, the wholesaler allows its customers to focus on what they do best: running their business without having to worry about the availability of spare parts. But Kramp is so much more than just a supplier. The company offers a fully integrated business proposition with e.g. online solutions, training programs, and extended support services. That makes Kramp the strategic partner of choice for many dealers throughout Europe.

Ever since it was founded in 1951, the company has been growing steadily. Kramp currently reports a turnover of over 800 million euro, operates sales offices in 22 different countries and employs over 3,300 people. Its growth has been fueled by strong organic performance and carefully targeted acquisitions, and the end is not yet in sight: Kramp plans to break the one billion turnover barrier within the next few years.

Kramp still is the family business it was almost seventy years ago in more ways than one. Its people are down to earth, friendly and cooperative, and the company champions entrepreneurship. That same attitude is reflected in the way Kramp does business. The company values continuity over short term success and always acts from a long-term perspective. That makes Kramp a loyal and committed partner for all customers and suppliers.

Vacancy: Strategy Officer

With Strategy2020 successfully executed, Kramp is now crafting its plans for the next five years. The Strategy Officer takes on a prominent role in developing and executing Strategy2025. First, he/she works closely together with the Executive Board, directly reporting to the CEO, and an external consultancy to set up the strategy, after which the Strategy Officer leads the roll-out to all departments and countries.

“The Strategy Officer role is a perfect landing spot for an experienced Strategy Consultant. He/she will work closely together with me and my fellow board members, learning the ins and outs of Kramp firsthand.” – Eddie Perdok, CEO

The Strategy Officer is involved in all aspects of Strategy2025: from early-stage development to setting up program management, and from execution to business planning. He/she guides the process of continuous improvement and adjustment. In this day and age fully setting out a strategy five years into the future is impossible. The Strategy Officer manages the different projects that deal with re-evaluating and further laying out the chosen direction.

The role of the Strategy Officer offers the opportunity to dive into a broad variety of strategic topics. He/she will, for example, be involved in strategic decision-making around the next steps in Kramp’s digital transformation, new and improved business models, partnerships, acquisitions, operating models and expansion opportunities.

The Strategy Officer’s primary working location will be Kramp’s headquarters in Varsseveld (which is at comfortable driving distance from cities like Arnhem, Amersfoort or Utrecht). He/she will also travel throughout Europe to visit the organizations in other countries, helping them to translate the overall strategy into locally tailored business plans.

What makes this role exciting for any senior Strategy Consultant is the combination of deeply strategic content, hands-on execution, exposure to Executive Board and country leadership, and the career possibilities within Kramp. In the two to three years as Strategy Officer, he/she gets the opportunity to grow towards becoming part of Kramp’s senior management: a director role with line responsibility, e.g. leading one of the country organizations.

Kramp works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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