About SHV

SHV Holdings is a privately-held trading company which aims to maintain its strong position in a number of operational activities and selected investment activities.

Originated in 1896, SHV has transformed throughout the years by continually adapting to a changing business environment. Their current focus is on the following industries: energy, transport, engineering, retail, food and financial services.

SHV is a highly decentralised organisation with a long term focus on expanding and developing its businesses.

SHV is active in over 60 countries with approximately 60.000 employees.

Group companies and their business units are supported from SHV Head Office in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where the culture is characterized by its professionalism, common sense and entrepreneurship.

SHV believes its people are key to its success. Mutual respect and trust provide the basis for a sound working relationship among employees. All colleagues are encouraged to take responsibility in their work and to be creative.


SHV Energy is a leading worldwide supplier of LPG and an investor in renewable energy solutions. Read more about career opportunities at SHV Energy.

Makro is an international cash-and-carry wholesaler, distributing food and non-food products.

MAMMOET is an industry-leading provider of customer-driven services in heavy lifting, transport and salvage using state-of-the-art equipment.

ERIKS has a leading position in Europa and the US in the supply of high-quality engineering components and related services.

Nutreco is a global leader in animal nutrition and fish feed.

Dyas is an active investor in oil and gas exploration, development and production joint ventures, primarily in the Netherlands and the North Sea.

NPM Capital provides private equity, primarily in the Netherlands, focusing on creating growth for mid-sized companies.

ZAMRO is a disruptive e-commerce scale-up, applying the B2C way of working to a B2B space. Read more about job opportunities at ZAMRO.


SHV believes in doing business in a responsible and sustainable way – by finding the right balance between people, profit, planet and pride.

Thinking about the needs of future generations and the role of SHV in society takes a central place at SHV.

Even seemingly simple actions such as consuming fairtrade products and the correct recycling of waste products can make a long-term difference at the scale at which SHV and groups operate.

But their approach to sustainability goes further than reusing, renewing and recycling. SHV actively encourages the combination of environmental awareness and innovation. The investor and operating companies are continually looking for ways to improve their operations.

Relevant examples of initiatives to increase energy efficiency include greater and more efficient use of natural light in Makro stores, the green label vehicle fleet of ERIKS and the improved use of big data to reduce carbon footprint at SHV Energy.

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