Lead Front-end Developer

Lead Front-end Developer

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Atida aims to improve the health of tens of millions of lives using a state-of-the-art digital platform. The Lead Front-end Developer will have the extraordinary opportunity to build the complete user interface of this online care tool from scratch.

About Atida

Atida is Hebrew for the ‘future’ and precisely to achieve this the company has a revolutionary concept in mind. Connecting data, e-commerce, and the world of pharmacy is what Atida has in mind. A pan-European online pharmacy with an in-store experience that focuses on individual healthcare. The current company is a bundle of eight acquired online pharmacies from Germany and Spain. This makes it the third-largest player in Europe. But Atida thinks much bigger, because with more acquisitions in the pipeline, the online pharmacy will be in the European lead by 2025.

Focus on Lifestyle Improvements
The rationale behind the concept? Europe is seeing a sharp increase in non-communicable, often chronic, diseases. Think of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression. All these conditions together are responsible for about ninety percent of European healthcare costs. An important factor in the development of these diseases is an unhealthy way of life. But what if you want to proactively improve your lifestyle, where can you go online? Previously nowhere, but this is where Atida jumps in.

Atida Plus and Atida Pure
Atida presents two fully scientifically substantiated propositions. In autumn of 2020, Atida Pure was launched in multiple European countries. With this branch, the company is focusing on preventive care through personalised nutrition programmes, quality supplements, consultations and measurements. In 2021, it will be the turn of Atida Plus, the branch that focuses on pharmacy. In the long term, the company wants to add more products and propositions to support the individual care needs of each customer.

Solid foundation
Atida has now reached the phase of high, organic growth. In order for the company to be fully successful, Atida must develop new short term business solutions including associated platforms. Information sources with a refreshing customer experience based on trust, care, and expertise and above all: personal and intuitive design. And as a portfolio company of London’s MARCOL – one of the largest healthcare investment companies – Atida has plenty of resources to make some progress.

Vacancy: Lead Front-end Developer

Build a highly responsive and web-based user interface from scratch that looks great and builds trust: that’s what the Lead Front-end Developer makes happen with their team. A flexible front-end architecture that presents enormous amounts of data and stands out both technologically and aesthetically.

Build the best website without any legacy
The Lead Front End Developer translates business requirements into a pixel-perfect site. And the great thing about a brand new company like Atida is that there is no such thing as outdated code and another unwanted legacy. This brave Lead Front End Developer thrives on complex problem-solving and pushes the boundaries on how to create the best possible front-ends. And there is some complexity to it. Not only due to the size of this European, and therefore multilingual, platform, but also because of the nature of the product and the healthcare sector itself that make this platform an attractive front-end puzzle.

 “The Lead Front-end Developer is, as it were, a creative influencer, not an order taker. They quickly picks up things themselves, easily bridge innovative technology and aesthetics. ” – David Hennessy, Chief Technology Office

Collaboration and Connecting Leadership
As the driving force behind Atida’s user interface, the Lead Front-end Developer is in close contact with the entire organization. They easily communicate on different levels. And to achieve the very best result, they challenge their colleague Front-end Developers in Amsterdam and Bulgaria to create solutions beyond imagination. This requires great communication and influencer skills. Moreover, they coach the different team members in a targeted manner and always involve them in all running processes.

Connector between front-end and product design
And then there is also the in-house Product Design team that sketches the visual picture for Atida. Thanks to the technical and aesthetic qualities of the Lead Front-end Developer, they act as the perfect connector between both worlds. They know how to challenge the Lead Product Design in terms of content and vice versa. The Lead Front-end Developer, therefore, puts forward innovative ideas, also in solving problems, and also has no problem resisting.

Last but not least…
The Lead Front-end Developer will find a dynamic start-up and agile environment. Although they are working in one of Atida’s cross-functional product teams on a daily basis, they are reporting into the Platform Lead. The Front-end Developer will be based in Madrid, Albacete or Amsterdam.



Atida works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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