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Head of Strategy & COO

Head of Strategy & COO

  • Strategy
  • Technology
  • Amsterdam
  • Vanaf 8 jaar werkervaring
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Promaton is a promising start-up creating artificial intelligence software to disrupt dental care. The young and driven company is ready to get their software out into the world. The Head of Strategy & COO is added to the team to develop a strong business strategy and improve operations.

About Promaton

Promaton is disrupting dental care with software to automate treatment decisions and planning, using artificial intelligence (AI). Promaton’s vision is that AI in dental care can, in many ways, improve the experience of patients and clinicians by automating mundane tasks. The dentist can thereby focus on patients and deliver better care. Their in-house developed software, based on deep learning techniques, should make dental care more affordable and accessible for everyone. 

The company was founded when high school friends David & Bas – a dental expert and an AI expert – met for a coffee and discovered that the dental care market needed a combination of both their skills. In just over 3 years the company has developed their software, firstly focused on automation of implant treatment surgery planning: software that will automatically generate a treatment plan based on a patients 3D dental X-Ray. Promaton also develops software to support more accurate diagnostics. The company has now partnered with Straumann Group, a large renowned and publicly listed dental company, who have started to incorporate Promaton’s technology for their clientele.                                                                                                                                                  

It is an exciting time to join Promaton, as we have very promising working software that really needs to get into the hands of more dentists.” Bas Verheij, Co-Founder & CEO at Promaton

Culturally, Promaton stands for: people first and remote first. The way of working is informal, high-energy, fun, driven and passionate. Of the international team about 75% resides in the Netherlands and about 25% throughout the rest of Europe. Hence – although they have an office in Amsterdam – it is common to work remotely and to deliver according to your own time schedule. 

In the current phase of shifting from research & development to broader success in the market, Promaton requires strategic vision and operational improvement. Hence the company is adding a Head of Strategy & COO to their management.

Vacancy: Head of Strategy & COO

The Head of Strategy & COO is in the lead of the company’s business strategy, and takes care of setting up well-functioning operations. The role will closely collaborate (especially) with the CEO, the Chief Medical Officer and the two Product Managers.

Promaton’s team consists of about 20 FTE, mainly technical people focusing on research & development of the company’s products. The Head of Strategy & COO will create the strategic vision to successfully bring Promaton’s products to a larger market. Currently there is by no means a lack of creative ideas and market opportunities. The Head of Strategy & COO will help to generate focus, and to bring ideas into practice with a strong result-oriented mindset. She/he performs strategic market analysis in order to identify and assess opportunities that potentially generate high (customer) value, and develops business cases around those opportunities. She/he will also give guidance, based on strategic expertise, to Promaton’s product teams to ensure a focus on finding optimal product-market fit. 

The Head of Strategy & COO will also take the lead in strategic and commercial initiatives with regards to partnerships. The Head of Strategy & COO closely cooperates with Straumann Group to deepen and enhance the co-creation and commercial collaboration. The Head of Strategy & COO will also be seeking and validating new commercial opportunities and partnerships by talking to potential customers; one of the initiatives the company is currently undertaking is the market validation of a new proposition in implantology.                                                                                                                                                 

The COO offers the business savviness to successfully translate these promising innovations into customer value for our end-users, and grow the business significantly.” Bas Verheij, Co-Founder & CEO at Promaton

Furthermore, the Head of Strategy & COO will professionalize the small and growing organization. Think of process improvement in areas like legal, admin, risk, recruitment, reporting and other daily operations. The result: a rock-solid internal organization with systems and processes that set Promaton up to win. 



Promaton works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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Marlies Hoogvliet - Partner

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