Head of Monetization

Head of Monetization

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Head of Monetization

Under the consumer brand OLX, Naspers has build the global online classifieds business that is the dominant force in many emerging markets. Now it’s time to monetize the multi-million-user reach.


Naspers’ long term strategy has allowed them to do things in the right order: build your reach before trying to monetize it. Focus on the quality of customer experience before charging your service. And make sure that you have absolute market share, ruling out the competition. That’s where you’ll get pricing power. In many of the markets that OLX is active the moment to monetize is rapidly approaching. Not because Naspers has to, but because they can. Now the challenge lies in monetizing in the right way. Refrain from any type of monetization that would damage your product experience. There are careful considerations to be made. Sometimes it’s better to size the monetization potential to justify investments rather than actually monetizing a revenue stream too soon. It’s better to earn a billion tomorrow than a million today.


OLX has regional hubs that offer innovation support to country operations. These regional hubs are located in Buenos Aires (Latin America), Dubai (EMEA), Cape Town (Sub Saharan Africa), Jakarta/Manila (South East Asia), Delhi (South Asia) and Berlin/Lisbon (Europe). With topics as fresh as Monetization, there will be an intensive cooperation and sharing of best practices between the regions. This role can either be part of the GLG and rotate amongst these locations or be filled with a permanent hire fixed to one of the locations.

Type of work

The level of maturity of monetization differs per market, and so does the type of work. In a greenfield market, much of the focus will be on scoping and prioritizing. Doing the proper analytical and go-to-market strategy work to decide where to start. Investigating revenue potential of different streams of monetization (e.g. advertising, paid listings and premium listings). Coordinating the product teams in creating new functionality, researching the acceptance of different types of payment. And of course: marketing. These new features have to be introduced to the public in a highly compelling way.

Candidate profile

Due to the abstract and analytical nature of the position it is an excellent entry position for a strategy consultant. Ideally with a bit of experience in an e-commerce domain, which will make him/her used to the ambiguous dynamics of this pioneering industry. Leadership qualities are important, as you will be shaping new teams and bringing different teams together in their new monetary purpose.


  • Analytical
  • A true leader
  • Social skills


  • Strategy Consulting
  • e-Commerce
  • New Business Development

Career path


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