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Head of Engineering

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‘A multinational that combines a start-up mindset with the scale of a global powerhouse’ is an accurate description for eBay Classifieds Benelux (Marktplaats), one of the world’s leading and most innovative e-commerce operations. Drawing from their vast knowledge and experience, the Head of Engineering defines the architectural northern star and delivers the technology strategy that supports the company in its mission to remove barriers to trade for millions of customers.

About eBay Classifieds Group Benelux

eBay Classifieds Group (eCG) is a global collection of local brands. With ten brands that span the globe, they help people find whatever they are looking for in their local communities – whether it’s a coat, a couch, a car, or a career. Every connection made or item found makes a difference, by creating a world where people share more and waste less. The eBay Classifieds Group Benelux is based in Amsterdam and is home to the brands Marktplaats and 2ehands.be as well as the global centers of excellence for Technology, Advertising, and Motors.Marktplaats, 2dehands.be and 2ememain.be are all part of eBay Classifieds Group (eCG) Benelux. Every month, Marktplaats handles over eight million unique visitors and 350,000 new advertisements each day, making Marktplaats the largest online trading platform in the Netherlands. The platform is continuously changing and improving, always striving to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Up their technical game and implement a visionary strategy
Recently, Mark Clifford (former Booking.com) joined eBay Classifieds Group Benelux as their new Chief Technology & Product Officer (CTPO). Under his guidance, eCG strives to up their technical game drastically, implement a visionary, long-term engineering strategy and build a stronger engineering culture within eBay Classifieds Group. This is exactly what the new Head of Engineering will bring to the company.

Vacancy: Head of Engineering (Marktplaats.nl, 2ehands.be, 2ememain.be)

The Head of Engineering has a clear mission: to take Marktplaats, 2dehands.be and 2ememain.be to the next technological level. To get there, they rely on and are responsible for their technology team – consisting of 90 engineers – that build products and capabilities for all platforms. Essentially, the Head of Engineering is accountable for what this team builds and how it’s built.

The Head of Engineering translates this into a compelling engineering technology and architectural vision. Based on experience, technological knowledge and a deep understanding of e-commerce and product strategies, they define the architectural Northern Star and engineering approach for the three platforms. The Head of Engineering is the go-to person and undisputed thought leader when it comes to the company’s engineering operations, culture and strategy.

Aligning and inspiring engineers and stakeholders to deliver the platform strategies is a logical next step. While on the topic of steps: the Head of Engineering always thinks multiple steps ahead and anticipates the intersection of technology advancements, evolving customer preferences and business outcomes to ensure the company’s platforms are optimally positioned for the future.

“Aside from taking full ownership of the end-to-end engineering agenda, the Head of Engineering also plays a vital role in aligning the different product and technology teams and optimizing the way they work. It’s safe to say that the Head of Engineering is a key figure in our organization” – Mark Clifford, Chief Technology & Product Officer

A strong engineering culture
Responsibilities also include shaping and building a strong engineering culture within the company. By developing a culture that guides and inspires the company’s technology and product teams, the Head of Engineering ensures optimal delivery of the engineering agenda. The role reports directly to the CPTO, Mark Clifford.

The ideal candidate is an outstanding engineering leader who excels at technological know-how and has an outspoken can-do attitude. The Head of Engineering has wide experience in e-commerce and the leadership skills to inspire people to move in a desired direction.

The company’s future CTO
By crafting and delivering the engineering strategy for these platforms and in doing so, guaranteeing eBay Classifieds Group’s future leading position, the Head of Engineering carves their personal path within the company. Ultimately, they are expected to take over the role of CTO.


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