Head of Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Head of Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

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Cryptos are one of the biggest disrupters of our time. But thanks to their meteoric rise, they need to be regulated. LiteBit, a Dutch-based crypto broker, has adopted a compliance-first strategy and actively works with regulators to improve safety. The Head of AML – who designs and implements AML policies – is instrumental in this approach. It’s a role with high impact and responsibility as well as the opportunity to join the LiteBit board as its new COO.

About LiteBit

People can use LiteBit’s state-of-the-art platform to buy, store, manage and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and about fifty other relevant cryptocurrencies at competitive prices. The company – located in the center of Rotterdam – is one of the few truly international crypto brokers. LiteBit has registrations in the Netherlands, Austria and France and active applications in several other countries. Most of its three hundred thousand clients originate in The Netherlands but the company is rapidly gaining traction in its other markets as well.

LiteBit is well on its way to becoming the most customer-friendly and trusted platform in Europe. The company believes in safe, simple and human crypto trading. Its offerings include personal service, safe wallets, intuitive user interfaces and reliable payment methods. For examples, customers can use their app to easily and instantly access their portfolio and trade anytime. To strengthen the proposition, more than one hundred LiteBit employees are constantly working on new products and services.

As a relatively new phenomenon, cryptocurrencies are closely monitored by financial regulators, supervisory authorities, and fiscal investigators (e.g., FIOD). LiteBit has adopted a compliance-first strategy. The broker is actively working with the authorities to design laws and regulations and contribute to combating criminal activity.

Vacancy: Head of Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

The Head of AML will be a key player in LiteBit’s compliance first strategy. The role combines policy-making, team management, and ambassadorship for internal and external stakeholders. They will report directly to the COO and have the opportunity to contribute substantially to LiteBit’s success, and with the opportunity to become the new COO.

“We’re looking for a new Head of AML with the potential to take over from me in the future. For now, they will become an important member of our team with lots of responsibilities and freedom.” – Arthur van Lier, COO

One of the main responsibilities of the Head of AML is to design, implement and continuously improve LiteBit’s anti-money laundering policies. It is a challenging task considering the dynamics of the crypto market. And in the next couple of years, new laws and regulations are expected to be introduced that will have a significant impact on all market players. The Head of AML will make sure LiteBit is ready for these changes and can continue to optimally serve its customers without skipping a beat.

The Head of AML will lead a team of about fifteen specialists, four who will directly report to them. Next to the day-to-day team management, the Head of AML will build the team members’ capabilities through coaching and development. They will also get the opportunity to grow the team and add their specific expertise.

The Head of AML will also be the first point of contact for everything involving LiteBit’s AML internal and external policies. They will work closely with the Tech, Finance, Risk and Data teams and have frequent contact with regulators and supervisory authorities on a national (e.g., DNB and FIOD) and international (e.g., Europol) level. The Head of AML will take a proactive approach to communication, informing the market about LiteBit’s best-in-class compliance practices. For example, this can include being in direct communications with the most influential regulators in the EU.

The Head of AML will work in one of the hottest fields of today’s economy and bridge the gap between crypto and traditional finance. The role combines high-level strategy with a focus on getting things done, and to be able to work at a crypto broker with a strong track record that offers a true tech atmosphere.



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