Global Talent Analyst

Global Talent Analyst

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  • Dublin/Amsterdam
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  • At least two years of work experience
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Proficiency in English

* Research shows that while male candidates feel confident enough to apply when they meet about 60% of the requirements, female candidates only apply when they tick every box. So if this role has your name on it, but you’re not sure about the criteria, we still want to hear from you.

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CRH is the leading building materials business in the world with a diverse range of nationalities and cultures. Talent development is high on the company’s executive agenda. It is the perfect playing field for the Global Talent Analyst and their mission: to bring the right talent data to the table at the right time.

About CRH

CRH is a global building materials supplier with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia. From 3,100 locations in 29 countries, over 77,000 employees provide building materials and innovative solutions for construction projects that range from residential and infrastructural to commercial real estate. For 50 years, both commercial and employee growth have played a central role at CRH. In 2020, sales hit $27.6 billion. That same year, 2.1 million hours were spent within CRH on training and development. The company currently has employees representing 36 different nationalities.

A warm culture with a strong collaborative focus is the hallmark of the organization. Because of the global footprint of many of its corporate teams, the company created early opportunities to work remotely. At the same time, CRH knows the value of strong personal connections within the organization. Collaboration is at the heart of the company, along with flexibility, passion, ambition, and a proactive mindset. Their high-performing employees are constantly striving for quality improvement in their work.

“At CRH, we believe we can create a better world through the collective actions of all our people in a workplace that is safe, diverse, open, and welcoming.” – Gina Jardine, Chief Human Resources Officer

That clearly means that talent is at the top of the CEO’s agenda. Topics like talent management, succession planning, leadership development and learning are central to CRH’s strategy. The Global Talent Center of Expertise (CoE) is a compact team, with team members based in Ireland (Dublin), the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and the United States (Atlanta). The atmosphere is strongly focused on collaboration and mutual support, learning with and from each other. The Global Talent CoE recently launched a number of initiatives to further accelerate talent development within CRH. It is now up to the Global Talent Analyst to support those initiatives by being at the forefront of talent data, systems, and processes.

Vacancy: Global Talent Analyst

The Global Talent Analyst is a data nut. They love to look ahead, identify trends, predict what questions will be asked, and proactively provide solutions. It goes without saying that this whizz kid will have a sharp eye for detail and use available data to support advice and decision-making. That could mean providing the necessary input for the annual enterprise talent review and succession planning processes within CRH.

The Global Talent Analyst will also be responsible for ongoing improvements to how we use and manage data in the global talent system. CRH recently introduced and implemented a new enterprise-wide talent management module (called ‘Eclipse’) in Successfactors. As part of the ongoing rollout of Eclipse, CRH is experimenting with dashboards and using tools like Tableau. Right now, there is quite a lot of data still available offline, in formats like Excel files. The Global Talent Analyst will guide the next steps in how we improve our use of Eclipse year-over-year. That means they will carefully check, clean, and migrate data.

The Global Talent Analyst should be a relationship builder. They will be a strong collaborator within the Global Talent CoE as well as across the broader organization. They will work to effectively align with various stakeholders in the company. With clear communication, presentation-building, and facilitation where necessary, the Global Talent Analyst will be able to get the most out of the talent processes and tools. That may involve conducting webinars, like hosting training sessions for key talent review processes, for example.

The Global Talent Analyst should have an action-oriented, eager-to-learn attitude. They love to roll up their sleeves to get started on new topics, whether it’s building a dashboard with the latest diversity and inclusion insights or preparing data and PPT presentations on in-flight talent development initiatives for the executive leadership team. The work the Global Talent Analyst delivers is done to perfection. They know how to answer and even anticipate relevant questions from within the organization.

The Global Talent Analyst will report to the Global Senior Talent Manager. Their role within the HR organization is perfectly positioned for further development and growth within CRH. Which direction that goes is entirely up to you.

“We tackle a wide range of topics within the Global Talent CoE, from talent management and succession planning to leadership development. The Global Talent Analyst will have plenty of choice when it comes to their own development! “ – Marie-Christine Joly, Senior Global Talent Manager

CRH is an equal opportunity employer. Committed to creating an inclusive work environment for all employees and actively encourage applications from all sectors of the community.



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