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ChapterDelta is a Digital Native Strategy Consulting firm, founded in 2021. The team consists exclusively of strategy consultants who were trained at first tier consulting firms (BCG, McKinsey and Bain). All of them are Digital Natives. Its market launch is planned for October 1st, 2021 with an initial team of six people. Three Partners plus three Consultants. One Partner seat is still open.

About ChapterDelta

In today’s tech-dominated economy, businesses can’t thrive without strong digital propositions. While some companies are leading, others are lagging behind. Sometimes to such a degree, that only a disruptive change in business strategy will help them survive in the new post-covid reality.

That’s where ChapterDelta comes in. This brand-new consulting firm specializes in helping its clients drive digital disruption. At first with just a pack of slides, but soon after with live products, services, and platforms.

Some clients are corporates, leaning towards a fierce course-correction straight into the digital domain. Others will be start-ups or scale-ups aimed at disrupting existing markets. Either funded by venture capital or by a strategic investor who wants to build its own nemesis.


The ChapterDelta methodology is built on the three fundamentals of Digital Disruption:

  1. Strategy
    Success starts with knowing where to play and how to win. ChapterDelta takes an agile approach to strategy, continuously collecting new data and insights, translating those into innovative propositions.
  2. Data Science
    In a tech-driven economy, strategy development is a hard science. In an agile world, data-driven insights are what fuels development. When growing a product, a service, or a business, it is always fuelled by data.
  3. Technology
    ChapterDelta works with a network of premier league Developers, UX Designers as well as Product Owners. These are an integral part of ChapterDelta’s teams to transfer winning ideas into solid MVPs – on the fly.

The secret ingredient
And then there’s the secret ingredient that sets ChapterDelta apart and gives them an unparalleled advantage over the competition. But we have to keep this one under the radar for now.

Vacancy: Equity Partner

ChapterDelta will be launched to the market on October 1st, 2021. The initial team will consist of three Partners and three Consultants. All are trained by first tier strategy consulting firms (McKinsey, BCG, Bain) as generalists, Digital Natives and with a fierce spike on Technology.

There is one Partner seat still open. As Partner, you have a deep knowledge of a specific client sector. With the other two Partners, the sectors Consumer Goods and Financial Services are covered. To reach a broader reach another industry should be added. One that is also in the eye of the storm of Digital Disruption.

The beauty of the #nolegacy approach is that there are no rules. Everything that’s usually part of traditional strategy consulting can be turned upside down, re-evaluated, and tossed to the side. ChapterDelta is all about controlling disruption. All ideas are welcome, new methods will be developed as the firm evolves.

It’s a broad role with an outspoken entrepreneurial nature. Pivotal to success is personal leadership, which needs to be well-developed to make optimal use of the blank canvas.

As Equity Partner you will be invited to participate financially. To what degree is defined by your individual preferences. Next to the three Equity Partners, there is a strategic investor who supplies capital and the secret ingredient.



ChapterDelta is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
Contact Auke Bijnsdorp at
auke.bijnsdorp@topofminds.com to express your interest.


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