Digital Growth Manager and Co-Founder

Digital Growth Manager and Co-Founder

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Today more than ever, marketing is tech and data and growth is digital – in B2C, B2B and nearly every industry. Companies, especially those with a fast growth ambition, want to build their own digital marketing capabilities to sustain hyper growth to an increasing degree. But they typically do not know how to go about this. Enter Hamburg-based disruptor Know.Haus, who are looking for a Co-Founder to take on a Digital Growth Manager Role and become a key figure in delivering projects and growing the company.

Know.Haus: Digital Growth Architects

Growth through tech-based marketing is becoming a crucial aspect of any business. Organizations are trying to bridge the gap between their expertise and capacity on this topic and its crucial role in affecting the bottom line. They are looking for a partner that can act like an in-house digital marketing department to deliver on the growth promise – something classical marketing agencies and traditional consulting firms often cannot fulfill.

Know.Haus was founded in 2019 to solve this problem. Its aim is to build and educate on state-of-the-art tech and data-based marketing expertise, while rethinking the status quo. It does so by combining the knowledge of creative, technical, ad-ops, strategic and management experts. Founders Jan Hildebrand (former Expert Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company) and Erik Siekmann (serial entrepreneur and expert in Growth and E-Commerce) describe their vision as ‘marketing architecture’.

“We lead clients to proven growth. We do this by taking on the role of marketing architect, with a strategic and long-term vision and a focus on execution, in partnership with our clients.”
– Erik Siekmann, co-founder Know.Haus

Consulting smart, execution hunger
Know.Haus’ clients include successful large corporates and multinationals, such as L’Oreal and Volvo. They also have a strong focus on start- and scaleups – for example fashion platform AboutYou – that are driven by young entrepreneurs and backed by private equity or venture capital funds. Given this client focus as well as the promise of ‘marketing architecture’ rather than consultancy or agency work, the focus at Know.Haus is on execution, long-term capability-building, and training – to deliver long-lasting impact – as much as on strategy. The level of seniority in terms of topics and client interactions, and the need for analytical brain power, are no different compared to top-tier consulting firms. However, Know.Haus can have ownership of the result as well as the process. Know.Haus can act as a full in-house marketing department or provide interim marketing management. This creates an opportunity for a successful former consultant to become a decision-maker as well as an advisor.

Vacancy: Digital Growth Manager and Co-Founder

The Digital Growth Manager will lead several long-term projects from the get go and will work directly with the two founders in close collaboration. The goal is to become a Co-Founder of the young company, a.k.a. an entrepreneurial partner-like ownership of the results. It also means a direct stake in the success of the company.

Through the close collaboration as well as the excellent and exciting client portfolio, a steep learning curve toward digital marketing excellence may be expected.

“Know.Haus takes inspiration from Bauhaus, the famous design school, where architects met craftsmen met artists. Now picture this in a digital marketing environment. A Digital Growth Manager acts as the lead architect, but with full understanding of the craftsmen and artists tasks. In other words, she or he builds the team and the operations that are needed for growth, and hands these over when everything works smoothly.”
Jan Hildebrand, co-founder Know.Haus

In this role, there is a lot of flexibility for working from the modern Hamburg office or from home – during the pandemic, the Know.Haus model has proven successful in a remote setting. This role is an exciting opportunity for a strategy consultant with project management experience at a top-tier consulting firm, who has entrepreneurial ambitions, proven expertise in (digital) marketing, and an eagerness to discover the world outside of consulting. It can be a great starting point to a partner-like role at or also an excellent learning environment to follow a CMO or entrepreneurial track later on.



Know.Haus works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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