CPTO (Co-Founder)

CPTO (Co-Founder)

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ChapterDelta is a strategy consultancy firm with a razor-sharp focus on Digital Disruption through Corporate Venturing. The CPTO (the Chief Product and Tech Officer) and the Head of Product, will build, lead and inspire a team of Developers with whom they will be building technology backed ventures for corporate clients embarking on a new chapter of their evolution.

About ChapterDelta

In today’s tech-dominated economy, businesses can’t thrive without strong digital propositions. While some companies are leading, others are lagging behind. Sometimes to such an extent, that only a disruptive change in business strategy will help them survive in the new post-covid reality.

That’s where ChapterDelta comes in. This brand-new consulting firm specializes in helping its clients drive digital disruption. Not with a pack of slides, but with live products, services, and platforms.

Most clients are corporates, leaning towards a fierce course-correction straight into the digital domain. Others will be start-ups or scale-ups aimed at disrupting existing markets. Either funded by venture capital or by a strategic investor who wants to build its own nemesis.

Backed by a strategic investor, ChapterDelta will launch in the third quarter of 2021, riding the wave of post-covid economic recovery.


The ChapterDelta methodology is built on the three fundamentals of Digital Disruption:

  1. Strategy
    Success starts with knowing where to play and how to win. ChapterDelta takes an agile approach to strategy, continuously collecting new data and insights, translating those into innovative propositions.
  2. Technology
    An Engineering team consisting of front-end and back-end Developers, UX Designers as well as Product Owners are an integral part of ChapterDelta’s teams to transfer winning ideas into solid MVPs – on the fly. Crucial to technological success is the no-legacy approach. For each new venture the best fitting tech stack will be selected and implemented.
  3. Data Science
    In a tech-driven economy, strategy development is a hard science. In an agile world, data-driven insights are what fuels development. When growing a product, a service or a business, tech is always fuelled by data.

Vacancy: CPTO (Co-Founder)

The CPTO is responsible for the prototype factory. Building ventures around technological ideas and concepts.

The first task at hand is recruitment. Creating a solid pipeline of interesting assignments won’t prove to be difficult, building a team of first tier engineers is the core challenge. In every way thinkable, people come first. Luckily, ChapterDelta has a unique method to attract the best and the brightest. We will not disclose here how this works.

A team of 80 engineers is planned. These Back-end and Front-end Developers will work with Product Owners, UX Designers and Data Engineers on rapid prototyping, guided by a Head of Product and 3Software Architects. Since ChapterDelta doesn’t do reports, MVPs are of the essence.

The CPTO’s team will revolve around the tech hub located in Amsterdam. Working remotely is the standard, but ample room is available for cooperation in an inspiring environment.

Requirements: the ideal candidate

The right person for the job has at least twelve years of experience in a similar company, preferably as a CPTO.  They thrive in a company with a people-first philosophy. They have the ability to connect with corporate stakeholders, combined with a knack for commerce. The CPTO is a positive thinker, who gains the confidence of clients to allocate budgets of multiple million euros for software development. Because ChapterDelta is a prototype factory and its MVPs are never finished, they need to be able to strike a balance between delivering a product that has all the basics and the need for perfection involved in producing the absolute best.


ChapterDelta works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
Contact Hayke Tjemmes at 
hayke.tjemmes@topofminds.com to express your interest.


Hayke Tjemmes Solliciteer

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