Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

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Fit For Free and SportCity keep their members – young and old – fit and healthy. The gyms currently operate about 120 fitness clubs. With the support of a professional PE investor, the company is planning a digital revolution in fitness and rapid international expansion.

Olympus Investment (owner of Fit For Free and SportCity) strives to become a leading digital fitness & health platform covering all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, inside and outside the gym. A fresh management team has just been formed and the Chief Product Officer (CPO) is one of the final additions.

The CPO’s portfolio includes data and tech and he/she runs an expanding team of 5 internal and 5 external professionals.


Olympus is putting together a new organization to build a state-of-the-art digital fitness & health platform, combining physical gyms with a digital journey. With its labels Fit For Free and SportCity the company currently has about 400,000 members and 100 million euros in revenue. In September 2018 Bencis Capital Patners took a majority interest in Olympus and plans to accelerate its international growth.

“Ever feel lost when you’re in the gym not knowing where to start? Or having trouble motivating yourself for your weekly workout? We will fix that.” – Jan-Willem Dockheer, CEO


Olympus is building the capabilities and organization to lead the wave of digital fitness. The mission of the company is to help its members adopt a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Olympus works towards an integrated fitness journey that spans well beyond the walls of the gym.

The company is transforming into an integrated, personalized health platform that keeps people in motion. If your goal is to have three workouts a week, the app will find slots in your calendar, usher you to leave work on time, recommend exercises, provide real time insights in your personal fitness metrics, suggest what to eat before and after your workout to maximize impact, and much more. All tailored to your individual preferences and physical needs.

“We invest in Olympus because we are convinced we can build an amazing health platform. The biggest challenge in fitness is not attracting members but retaining them. We bring the ultimate personalized fitness and health experience which will create lifelong customers.” – Bencis Capital Partners

Key to the expansion strategy is the acquisition of fitness chains. The company connects new clubs to their digital platform which allows them to offer their members a top quality personalized digital fitness experience. In return Olympus increases its footprint and uses the increased customer base to further strengthen the data driven propositions.


The CPO leads the design and development of the new digital health and fitness platform. He/she manages the data & tech teams (Product Owners and Data Scientists) and the Marketing and Sales department (e.g. brand value, campaigns, website, pricing, packaging and social media) to have full grip on the end-to-end customer journey. One of the CPO’s key responsibilities in Marketing & Sales is to implement a strong data driven approach. He/she uses his/her data-savviness and commercial feel to build powerful brands and branding campaigns.

“We’re building a technology-first organization and for that we need the best people we can get. Especially for the role of CPO we need nothing shy of brilliance. He/she drives future success and stands at the core of our strategy.” – Jan-Willem Dockheer, CEO


The first task of the CPO is to create an optimal digital fitness experience. From signing up for group lessons to interactions with a personal trainer, the CPO makes sure everything is as fun and easy as it can be.

Once the basics are in place the CPO develops the fully integrated, personalized and data driven platform. He/she is the creative and strategic mastermind who comes up with new and innovative functionalities based on own experience and extensive customer data. The CPO leads the teams that design and maintain the algorithms, platform architecture and data gathering and storage.

The CPO oversees the customer journey across all international labels and his/her work impacts the experience of each and every customer. With international expansion the work of the CPO becomes increasingly complex, therefore Olympus needs to hire an initially overqualified executive.


  • 12+ years of experience
  • Extensive experience as Head of Product (hard requirement) given the focus on Product Development (app) in the first phase
  • Strong track record in tech, data, (product) marketing and product strategy
  • Sports and fitness enthusiast

Olympus Investment is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
Contact Auke Bijnsdorp at for more information.


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