Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

  • Barcelona
  • Gepubliceerd op 19 juni 2016
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Letgo was founded by Alec Oxenford and Jordi Castello in 2014. They created a free and highly-rated app that offers a fast and easy way to buy and sell used goods locally. The app has already been downloaded millions of times since its launch in 2015 and is powering a new, secondhand economy on mobile.


A man like Alec Oxenford is an inspiration to any aspiring startup founder or anyone else looking to climb the ranks in an online business. To learn the ropes of building a new business, including the investor management that comes with it, is not textbook material. You need to be there, watch and learn. To be offered that chance, you would have to contribute as a business developer. You ensure that both Alec and letgo are making the smartest choices they can make, backed by data at all times. With its current focus on the US market, the job will take you there regularly.

Type of work

Within letgo, you’ll work on defining strategy and taking the business to the next level with insights. You’re comfortable diving right into a wide range of topics and working together with different areas and teams within letgo. You’re excited to switch between working alongside the founder on raising a new round of funding, analyzing key user behaviors the next day, and advising on global expansion strategy on the other. You’re a very clear, data-driven thinker that knows how to communicate and present ideas clearly and convincingly. Being exposed to a lot of different areas of expertise in a startup with exploding growth, you’ll get the best preparation possible to switch into either a general management role or a specific role later in your career. Or better yet, to launch your own startup someday.


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Business Development Manager

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Business Development Manager

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Business Development Manager

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