Transformation Director

Transformation Director

  • Consulting Exit
  • Financial Services
  • Capelle aan den IJssel
  • Minimum of 10 years' experience
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  • Over 10 years of work experience
  • Background in strategy consulting, as well as other experience
  • With major financial services transformations
  • With process excellence
  • Stakeholder manager
  • Analytical

* Research shows that while male candidates feel confident enough to apply when they meet about 60% of the requirements, female candidates only apply when they tick every box. So if this role has your name on it, but you’re not sure about the criteria, we still want to hear from you.

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With subsidiaries such as De Hypotheker and Quion, Blauwtrust is a leading player in the Dutch mortgage ecosystem. Supported by PE investor Blackfin, the company is committed to domestic and international growth. The Transformation Director will lead the strategic transformation projects that make that possible. It’s a role with significant exposure and interesting next steps down the line.

About Blauwtrust

Blauwtrust Groep provides high-quality financial services and products to the Dutch mortgage market. The company focuses on consumers as well as brokers and investors. Blauwtrust Groep consists of multiple operating companies – with more than eight hundred employees in total – that operate the entire value chain together, from management and administration to in-house advisory offices. These operating companies include:

  • De Hypotheker is the largest independent mortgage broker in the Netherlands. This franchise network has 178 branches across the country, with a total of more than a hundred thousand advisory sessions and thirty thousand mortgages annually.
  • Quion is a business partner for major financial institutions like ABN AMRO, Achmea, Allianz, BNP Paribas, and NIBC. The company handles all the processes surrounding generating and managing mortgages and consumer loans for its clients and has more than eighty billion euros under management.
  • DMPM is a fast-growing platform that offers institutional investors and asset managers, at home and abroad, the opportunity to invest directly in Dutch residential mortgages. The company has an active portfolio worth more than eleven billion euros.
  • Conneqt develops and maintains several private and white label mortgage brands – e.g., Hypotrust, IQWOON, and HollandWoont – in collaboration with investors like Aegon, Goldman Sachs, and DELA.

“We see plenty of opportunites that we’ll tackle with Blackfin. They include strategic, commercial and operational improvement opportunities and reinforcements in our management and transformation team.” – Ferdinand Veenman, Group CEO of Blauwtrust Groep

In January 2022, Blackfin Capital Partners became the majority shareholder of Blauwtrust Groep. Blackfin is a leading European PE investor specializing in financial services, with offices in Paris, London, Frankfurt, Brussels, and soon Amsterdam. Blackfin is an active, influential investor, supporting management teams to take their companies to the next level. With Blackfin’s support, the newly appointed Blauwtrust management team – CEO, CFO, COO, and CHRO – is looking to build Blauwtrust Groep into a pan-European product and service provider in the mortgage market. That means the company focuses on organic growth, strategic transformations, and M&A.

Vacancy: Transformation Director

Blauwtrust Groep’s new Transformation Director will provide the transformational power the company needs to reach its goals. They’ll be responsible for implementing the strategy and leading key transformation projects that stem from it. So the Transformation Director will not only establish a strong PMO, but will also help chart the company’s strategic, commercial, and operational course. They’ll report to the Group COO and regularly collaborate with the rest of the management team and executives of the different operating companies. The Transformation Director is based in Capelle aan den IJssel and will have the option of hybrid work.

“We’re looking for a Transformation Director who wants to take on the challenge of taking the organization to the next level and achieving international growth. A pragmatic, independent, and proactive mindset will be the perfect fit.” – Ferdinand Veenman, CEO

The topics that the Transformation Director will work on are wide-ranging. For example, they’ll focus on improving operational processes, approaches, and systems that make work faster, cheaper, and/or better, with specific themes like near-shoring and operational synergies across operating companies. The Transformation Director will also identify growth opportunities at home and abroad, both organically and through acquisitions, and will lead post-merger integrations. They’ll make a significant contribution to projects that strategically strengthen the business, increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience.

In addition to strategic, analytical, and project management skills, the role also requires a resolve and communication style to challenge senior leadership and involve stakeholders in transformations. The Transformation Director will have the opportunity to build an in-depth knowledge of the company and the industry and – after one or two years – advance to fantastic follow-up opportunities, for instance, line management for one of the operating companies. This position also offers the opportunity to move to other portfolio companies, Blackfin’s in-house portfolio team, or teams with future investors.



Blauwtrust is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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