Country Manager Germany

Country Manager Germany

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The start-up BuyBay offers companies a complete solution for returned products. In the Netherlands, BuyBay has managed to contract Holland’s most important e-tailers. The Country Manager for Germany will be the first to take this successful formula abroad.

BuyBay: a new solution for returned products

On average, 15% of all online sales are returned. That means there is a huge influx of products of an enormous diversity. It costs a lot of money and effort to process these, because they can’t be sold as new and they tend to take up a lot of space. Returned products are now being bought by traders for their parts or to sell them as products with defects. Some e-tailers put in a lot of hours trying to sell them themselves. BuyBay offers a new solution. With smart IT, backed up by professional business intelligence, finance and customer service teams, BuyBay processes all of the customers’ returned products. How does that work? After repairs (where needed), the returned products are automatically sent to the platform where they are likely to sell at the highest rate. Which platform that would be is determined by BuyBay’s own complicated software. This will ensure an optimized return for each individual product at a higher percentage of the original price. Moreover, this will lead to products being used for what they were actually meant to do, and for the duration they were to be used for.

How it all started

BuyBay is a start-up that was founded in 2014 by Thijs Bosgoed and his brother Erik. Both played a key part in setting up and professionalizing Groupon in Europe. They opened up the BuyBay head office in Amsterdam and a distribution center in Heteren, near Arnhem. Due to exponential growth, their head office will move out to The Curve soon, a modern office on the NDSM-wharf in the Northern part of Amsterdam. Due to its huge growth in the Netherlands, it is a logical move to take BuyBay abroad. Introducing it in Germany is only the first step. The whole of Europe is next up on the agenda.

Job opening: Country Manager for Germany

BuyBay is on the brink of something each fast growing start-up encounters: scaling up. The next ten people BuyBay hires will play a pivotal part in determining the company’s success. The Country Manager for Germany will be the first to do so. After proven success in the Netherlands, it is time for BuyBay to broaden its horizon. The Country Manager Germany will have a huge stake in this, because a successful introduction with our neighbors is a ticket to further international growth. The Country Manager is closely involved with the Management Team in the Netherlands and reports directly to Thijs Bosgoed (CEO).

“How I decided to switch to BuyBay? That was a very quick move. On Monday morning, Thijs (BuyBay’s CEO) made me an offer. He had a good story. On Tuesday, I made up my mind and on Wednesday, I started. That is how we do business here at BuyBay.”- Teun Kraaij (former McKinsey), CSO BuyBay

In the near future, BuyBay is going to expand even further in Europe. That means more Country Managers need to be hired. The Country Manager for Germany will share their knowledge and experience with others. That includes developing the best pitch to potential clients, fine-tuning the business model depending on the needs of the local market and building a new team.

New sales office in Germany

The Country Manager sets up a sales office in Germany. The goal: to develop long term B2B relationships on a senior level with both the small and large e-commerce players in Germany, and to maintain them. Of course they first focus on the large online retailers, such as Amazon and Otto. But smaller ones also encounter return policy issues and can be of essence when building up business cases and creating brand awareness. The strategy is comprised of starting up pilot projects with potential clients. When these prove to be successful, it is key to expand the relationship and intensify it. The Country Manager is well aware of the latest trends and developments in the e-commerce field and is able to translate them into opportunities for BuyBay’s customers. This position is not just commercial and strategic, it is also very pragmatic. The Country Manager is also responsible for setting up an office, hiring the staff, managing local partners and expanding the local sales organization. Travel will be frequent to meet potential clients and talk strategy, growth and KPIs with the head office in the Netherlands.

“We know we ask a lot. But if you fulfill this key position in our company well, you are really part of the success.” Thijs Bosgoed, CEO BuyBay


  • Co-founder spirit
  • Analytical
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Goal oriented


  • Commercial experience
  • Background as Strategy Consultant
  • Experience in a start-up environment
  • Business Experience in Germany
  • Speaks German fluently

Interesting, because:

  • A start-up/scale-up in its purest form
  • Proven success formula
  • Setting up a German commercial organization independently


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