Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff

  • General Management
  • Health
  • Amsterdam
  • Minimum of 6 years' experience
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Atida is one of the largest online pharmacies in Europe, with a mission to redefine the true meaning of the concept ‘online pharmacy’. Their aim is to help people make better decisions about their health. From proactive to curative and whatever your goals, they offer an experience that is always about you. They firmly believe in a future where the journey towards good health becomes a trusted and truly personal experience. They recently launched Atida Pure: is a new, personalised vitamin and supplement programme. Atida now plans to take the European market by storm. To realize this growth, Atida is looking for a Chief of Staff – a top performing strategy consultant to work as the CEO’s right hand.

Quantified self: the future of health

Long before COVID a trend toward ‘quantified self’ has been on the rise – the concept of individuals actively taking charge of their wellbeing, with data-driven tools, products, apps, and knowledge. This is not surprising, since the chances of facing lifestyle-based health problems (from diabetes to depression) have increased drastically in the past decades.

2020 obviously acted as a pressure cooker on this topic. On the one hand, the COVID-year put the subject of curative health front and center on everyone’s mind. On the other hand, the topic of prevention and wellbeing also became more important than ever.

Catching a cold has become something we would love to prevent – so how can we boost our immune systems? More broadly speaking, how can we take care of ourselves – mentally and physically – when our world has become the space between our four walls? In the near future the urgency of these questions will only increase further. In the long term, the demand for mental and physical self-care and optimized wellbeing continues to grow.

Atida: online, science-based, personalized

Atida provides an answer to this trend by sending its customers top quality supplement packages on a monthly basis. These packages are composed based on a quick and comprehensive questionnaire, about the individual’s physical status, habits, and wellbeing desires. Packages may focus on skin and hair, improved immunity, bone strength or healthy pregnancy – to name just a few examples. And of course, all of Atida’s supplements are high quality and backed by science.

In addition, Atida is launching its online pharmacy, Atida Plus, in 2021. Atida Plus will launch with a unique online in-store experience as its USP, and the whole of Europe as its scope.

Atida (‘future’ in Hebrew) realizes this through a revolutionary concept that brings data and e-commerce into the pharma and wellbeing industry. The scale-up is the result of the acquisition of seven online pharmacies in Germany, Spain and Portugal over the past fifteen years. The company has ~ 600 employees, of which ~ 30 in the Amsterdam head office. London-based healthcare investor MARCOL is Atida’s majority shareholder, allowing the company the resources needed to conquer the European market.

‘Subscription-based consumer health is a fairly new game in Europe, but the market is entirely ready. And with the leadership team I have hired over the past year, we are well equipped to be the first player that tackles this market at scale.’ – Julie Szudarek, CEO at Atida

Vacancy: Chief of Staff

CEO Julie Szudarek joined the company in 2019. Since then, she has put together a high caliber leadership team; led the creation of the Atida Plus business model; and put a strong focus on M&A activities to realize growth. Julie is looking for strategical and operational support in the form of a Chief of Staff.

Acting as right hand to the CEO, the Chief of Staff will join Julie in investor meetings, team meetings, and strategy sessions, to immediately support or fully take on some of Julie’s current activities – essentially shadowing the CEO and acting as her trusted project leader. As such, the Chief of Staff will for example take on responsibilities in the realm of investor reporting; managing company OKRs; and driving commercial due diligence projects for potential M&A targets. The Chief of Staff will work alongside the team in Amsterdam, representing the voice and the brains of Julie if and when she cannot do so herself.

These are just examples of the responsibilities of the Chief of Staff. The culture within Atida, like any scale-up, is entrepreneurial and not always perfectly structured. The Chief of Staff is, on the one hand, comfortable with this dynamic set-up. On the other hand, the Chief of Staff is able to bring structure and focus when needed.

The role is highly versatile and contains aspects of high-level strategy work as well as operational and practical tasks. For a current Associate / Consultant or Engagement Manager / Project Leader at a top tier strategy firm, this role provides a fantastic, broad learning curve; constant senior exposure; and the opportunity to further grow into a leadership role within or outside Atida.



Atida works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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