Head of Integration Office

Head of Integration Office

  • Amsterdam
  • Published on 18 November 2020

For whom?

  • Currently working as an Engagement Manager/Project Leader at a top-tier strategy consulting firm
  • Excellent stakeholder manager and coach
  • Excels in solid reporting and clear communication
  • Has a strong interest in scale-ups and private equity

Broad Horizon started in 2010 as an online hosting service provider. The company has since grown into a success, with several strong IT service brands. Their partnership with private equity investor EMK has now opened the door for implementing an ambitious Buy-and-Build strategy at full throttle. The Head of Integration Office will be responsible for integrating the different companies into a single, professionally run organization that is a leader in the field.

About Broad Horizon

Over the last 10 years, Broad Horizon has developed into a company that lives up to its name. By adding multiple successful companies focused on managed hosting, workspace, cloud, business solutions, and data & AI, they have managed to build a broad portfolio of B2B IT services with brands like True and CMotions. Broad Horizon’s Buy-and-Build strategy has been a resounding success and caught the eye of private equity investor EMK. The Broad Horizon management team partnered with EMK in 2020 and have since focused their passion and ambition on expanding the portfolio even further. The rationale behind this strategy is that any multifaceted IT solutions company that can take advantage of economies of scale and knowledge sharing will have the international market at its feet, and that includes large, industry-leading clients. Broad Horizon already has a significant market share in the Benelux countries and Denmark, with sales figures in the tens of millions.

“A small IT player may have a decent product and a few good customers, but will quickly reach the limits of what’s commercially and operationally possible. By combining several brands and different products under one umbrella, Broad Horizon has built a portfolio with enormous potential in a short space of time. Operationally, we’re able to take advantage of economies of scale, commercially, it gives us opportunities to cross-sell, and productively, we benefit from knowledge sharing and collaboration.” – Alexander van der Hooft, Broad Horizon COO

To optimize Broad Horizon’s success, the multiple companies need to be effectively integrated into a single organization, and that integration is moving at a rapid pace. The plan is to welcome several companies into the group every year for the next several years. EMK has a key role to play here, with their long-term view of Broad Horizon’s growth and the financial resources to make that vision a reality through a combination of M&A and organic growth within the existing company. As part of this process, some brands will retain their identity, while others will come under the Broad Horizon umbrella. That will always involve technical, operational, and cultural issues, so behind the scenes, there has to be a well-coordinated modus operandi that still needs to be fully fleshed out. Broad Horizon has an ongoing integration program that already has stakeholders and project leaders in place. But they still need a strong Integration Office to make the program a success. The Integration Office will keep its finger on the pulse of the program, maintain responsibility for tight progress reporting to both the management team and EMK, and make sure action is taken on the implications of their reports.

Job Opening: Head of Integration Office

The Head of Integration Office will take on that role. They should be a strategy consultant with experience in project management with excellent reporting and communication skills. The “hard” side of progress reporting for the various integration projects is a vital part of this role. It is a top priority for both management and shareholders and demands a tight reporting cycle with well thought-out templates and mastery of the art of questioning and challenging. But this role also has a “soft” side: the Head of Integration Office will act as a listening ear, a coach, and a connecting force, for example in their collaboration with project leaders. Finally, the position will also have a strategic element, identifying promising new projects, creating a future-proof integration playbook, and anticipating challenges within different integration projects. The Head of Integration Office will also have the opportunity to shape their own vision and implement projects around corporate development, as well.

Initially, the Head of Integration Office will take on the role alone, reporting directly to the COO. Eventually, they will probably build a team around them. This role guarantees a high degree of exposure to management at both Broad Horizon and EMK, and also offers the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about running a growing tech organization and implementing a Buy-and-Build strategy. This makes the position an excellent building block for a career in senior management within the scale-up world and/or the world of data and digital or towards portfolio management at a private equity firm.

Broad Horizon works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
Contact Imke Peters at imke.peters@topofminds.com for more information.


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Head of Integration Office

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Head of Integration Office

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Head of Integration Office

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