Strategy Manager

Strategy Manager

  • Consulting Exit
  • Consumer
  • Delft
  • Minimum of 5 years' experience
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Meatable is taking us to a world where everyone can eat meat without causing animal suffering and climate damage. The road to scalable, commercial production is still full of challenges. The Strategy Manager’s job is to work with the MT to find the right solutions.

About Meatable

Meat production has become an increasingly hot topic in recent years. Industrial livestock farming consumes an incredible amount of water and the amount of space required promotes deforestation. And pictures of thousands of animals packed into cages that are far too small are hard to forget. The solution? Stop eating meat?

Meatable believes there is a different way. This innovative biotech start-up is working on a solution that doesn’t involve compromise. It is the best of both worlds: meat for everyone who wants it, without the environmental damage and animal cruelty.

Meatable produces cultured meat using patented OPTI-OX technology developed at Cambridge and Stanford. They use an animal-friendly sample and mimic the natural process of fat and muscle growth. It allows them to produce sustainable, efficient, delicious meat.

“What we make is not ‘kind-of like’ meat. We make meat. Real, juicy, delicious meat, but without slaughtering animals, without wasting water and without cutting down forests.” – Krijn de Nood, CEO

Meatable has already developed a prototype that proves this technology works. Now the start-up is facing its next challenge: scalable, commercial production with consistent quality. Meatable has just raised a Series A investment round of $47 million and expects to be in large-scale production by 2025, dramatically improving sustainability in the meat industry.

Vacancy: Strategy Manager

At Meatable, a better world really does start with you (and your colleagues). The Strategy Manager will work on finding solutions to key strategic challenges, helping Meatable deliver on its promise.

Meatable is in the midst of transitioning from start-up to scalable organization. The Strategy Manager will lead key initiatives, making them a driving force behind the transformation. Their work will include things like implementing new tooling, optimizing internal processes such as planning, monitoring, and budgeting, helping the R&D team with their most complex challenges, and solving strategic issues around operations and commerce. The Strategy Manager will also have the opportunity to take on completely unique challenges like developing a manufacturing process and location for a product that has never been produced at scale before and with no existing hardware.

“We’re looking for a Strategy Manager who can see the charm in a young and chaotic company. Someone who can relate to both the MT and researchers, and who can quickly understand the science behind Meatable. ” – Caroline Wilschut, Director of Commerce & Strategy

The Strategy Manager will support the CEO and MT as they make decisions. They will prepare meetings, help develop investor-facing communications, assist with business development and funding rounds, and work on business intelligence.

The Strategy Manager will have plenty of freedom to tackle Meatable’s strategic challenges. They will work with a team of bright colleagues, including the Director of Commerce & Strategy (10+ years at BCG) and the CEO (7+ years at McKinsey). So this role will be a great adventure for an experienced consultant who wants to help build a company with the potential to make the world a better place.



Meatable is working with Top of Minds to fill this position.
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