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But (r)etailers face the ongoing challenge of forecasting which products will be sold when; managing their stock accordingly; and ensuring that expensive and often fragile products reach their final destination quickly and safely once purchased by the consumer. Managing all of these tasks in-house would require a massive and expensive physical operation that most (r)etailers are not equipped for. This is where Amacom steps in, and why it’s known as the ‘Amazing Company.’

Amacom is a specialized inventory management and distribution partner for both electronics brand suppliers and (r)etailers, who are the client. They can fully outsource all logistical and stock management aspects of running a commercial electronics business. This includes stocking inventory in one of their warehouses; picking, packing and delivering orders on the same-day as needed; or keeping track of sales and forecasts through their Quecom platform. Amacom’s mission is to fully relieve its partners and clients of all the logistics. This model has proven to be successful with high customer satisfaction for several years, and today Amacon is enjoying its largest growth to date.

While the core business as a logistics and inventory service provider remains important, Amacom is expanding its scope to include more e-commerce and direct-to consumer (DTC) activity. They are partnering with major electronics manufacturers like Samsung to help them set up their own online retail strategy for the European market. In addition, Amacom is acting as a DTC seller on platforms such as Founded in 1999, Amacom’s roots are as a family business. Today they have around 120 employees throughout The Netherlands and Belgium, and joined DCC Technology in 2019. In spite of this significant growth and partnership, Amacom maintains its friendly, service-minded, driven family-company culture. With an ambitious and relatively young team and under the umbrella of DCC and its technology distribution (Exertis), Amacom is set up to continue its success story by expanding across Benelux and then across the rest of Europe.

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