E-commerce Manager United Kingdom

E-commerce Manager United Kingdom

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A healthy lifestyle is no longer merely a hype, it’s become more mainstream than ever. A Snickers bar every now and then is fine, but a Smart Bar is really just as tasty. Body & Fit is the place to be for food supplements, sports nutrition and tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle. In the Netherlands, the company has been one of the market leaders for twenty years; now the time has come for them to spread their wings. The company is looking for a new E-commerce Manager United Kingdom to help conquer the British market.


Fair is fair, the lion’s share of the employees working at the online health & lifestyle shop in healthy food and sports supplements are what most people consider ‘fit’. At the head offices in Heerenveen, there are about 200 active employees, most of whom have some sort of affinity with sports, fitness and healthy nutrition. No reason to panic: it is not a requirement to work at Body & Fit in case you’d rather not join the company team in their MudMasters run, that’s totally fine. The originally Frisian company never lost its down to earth mentality.
Besides their down to earth mindset, Body & Fit is also unrelentingly ambitious. What started as a modest start-up in 1995, has since developed into the healthy, successful e-commerce business it is today. The website attracts over a million unique visitors every month. Because of last year’s high NPS scores, they know nearly all of those visitors are satisfied with their purchase.


Since 2017, Body & Fit is part of the large Irish concern Glanbia, which is of great help in their efforts towards becoming the market leader in Europe. The roadmap for international expansion is ready: in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom considerable steps in the right direction have already been taken.
Additionally, there’s been a shift in their most important target audience. While Body & Fit used to focus mainly on avid bodybuilders, they are now setting their sights on the more ‘ordinary’, fit individual: someone that enjoys a healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition, without immediately turning into a diehard. People that have no problem trading in their Snickers bar for a Smart Bar.


Besides fast-growing, the market in which Body & Fit operates can also be labeled as fragmented. For the most part, it consists of small players that all maintain and manage their own website, and traditional vitamin stores, all slowly but surely having to make the transition into e-commerce. Expectations are all these small players will make way and only a few large European players will remain. Body & Fit is determined to be one of those large players. Healthy nutrition, and sports nutrition specifically, is increasingly becoming a staple of our society and collective lifestyle. The Netherlands is one of the frontrunners in the market; it’s for good reason more and larger European players are moving into the Netherlands.


Body & Fit is at the dawn of a new age. Growth opportunities are practically everywhere – everything can be done faster, larger and often better on all sides. The employees are all in the starting blocks, ready to race, albeit with a solid long-term vision. Career opportunities aplenty, with considerably less of a noticeable hierarchy – the company culture is rather informal, with a casual dress code and the occasional game of foosball. The walls in the building are mostly there for structural reasons; they’d prefer it if the ceiling didn’t cave in.


Body & Fit’s strong suit: constant development, innovation, and expansion of their range of products. They don’t really have to be the ultimate discounter – in fact, they’d rather not – instead, they want to be known as the place that provides the best price-quality ratio, including sincere, knowledgeable advice. That might be the biggest difference between Body & Fit and many of its competitors: besides high-quality products, Body & Fit can provide its customers with the best advice through countless personal trainers, nutritional experts, track champions and other experts ready and willing to lend a helping hand. The company isn’t just there to help you get the best protein products for the best price, they also want to help you achieve your goal, whether this is losing weight, adopting a healthier lifestyle, getting in shape, or becoming a bodybuilder. Body & Fit isn’t just a point of sale, it’s also an advisor, coach, and inspirer.


International expansion is one of Body & Fit’s pillars of growth. In the Netherlands, the company’s processes have logically anchored after having been active for twenty years. The same cannot be said for the English market. On the contrary, in the English market Body & Fit is still very much in its infancy. The new E-commerce Manager will be given carte blanche to raise the company out of its infancy and help it mature. The ideal candidate is an energetic, adventurous pioneer that loves building something from scratch, someone willing to roll up their sleeves with the desire to really ‘own’ the British market. This goes beyond the digital scope; his/her input when it comes to logistical and financial matters will also be of great use at times. Traveling is part and parcel of this role: approximately twice a month, the E-commerce Manager will travel to England.


Generating traffic for the website is the number one priority; the means to this end are completely up to the E-commerce Manager. Naturally assisted by Google Analytics; the candidate knows this platform inside and out, the same goes for SEO and SEA. Which marketing agency, which influencers and which price comparison sites should Body & Fit join forces with in the UK? How should the affiliates be structured and which search terms should be used? You tell us.
The new E-commerce Manager isn’t afraid to experiment and is also not afraid to admit when an experiment doesn’t yield the desired results. Trial and error is the idea. He/she has a serious marketing budget at his/her disposal and the freedom to plan and realize goals, of course always with the “measure to manage” mentality in mind.
The E-commerce Manager reports directly to Gilles Holl, Head of Trade. There are plenty of career opportunities in the company. As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to be a star athlete to find your place at Body & Fit, but an affinity with sports is preferred. Even if you enjoy the occasional Snickers bar.


  • Higher vocational or university level
  • Minimum of 7 years of experience in E-commerce, FMCG, F&B or sports nutrition
  • Excellent command of the English language, both spoken and written
  • Excellent knowledge of E-commerce and hands-on experience with Google Analytics, SEO and SEA
  • Familiar with agile and Scrum practices for business
  • Experience with dynamic pricing software is a plus
  • Used to working with budgets and being accountable for those budgets
  • Team player and builder
  • Excellent networker
  • Analytically and communicatively strong
  • Data and result oriented
  • Commercial mindset
  • Open to continuous change
  • Willing to travel on a regular basis

Body & Fit works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy. Contact Janko Klaeijsen at janko@topofminds.com for more information.


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