Director Product Management

Director Product Management

  • General Management
  • Varsseveld
  • Minimum of 10 years' experience
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Kramp is the European market leader in the agricultural spare parts market with over 500,000 products available in the online webshop. This extensive range is one of Kramp’s key competitive advantages. To ensure the continuation of development, Kramp is now looking for a Director Product Management.

About Kramp

Kramp is the largest agricultural wholesaler in Europe, with a product range of more than 500,000 different parts. Kramp has every bolt and nut any business could ever need, and if ordered today, the ordered parts will be on the customer’s doorstep the next morning. It is this level of commitment to the customer that guarantees no agricultural business will ever have to worry about downtime, therefore making Kramp the ultimate one-stop shop for every agricultural dealer.

However, Kramp is so much more than just a supplier of parts. Since 2001, when Kramp first launched a B2B e-commerce solution, digitalization and e-commerce have become the key enabler for the growth and success of Kramp. The continual innovation of services and digital solutions has created Kramp’s market-leading position where they have become the partner of choice for the European dealer network.

Kramp has seen rapid growth year after year, both organically and through strategic acquisitions. With 10 distribution centers, 24 sales offices spread throughout Europe and more than 3,000 employees, sales were close to €900 million in 2019. There is a strong plan in place to break through the €1 billion sales mark soon. As the leading innovative player in this rock-solid niche, Kramp is perfectly positioned to make that ambition a reality.

“Kramp still feels like the startup we were 70 years ago. Our company culture is down to earth, open, and cooperative. We have the ambiance of a family business and the international success of a large multinational.” – Eddie Perdok, CEO

Vacancy: Director Product Management

The goal of the Director Product Management is to achieve maximum return and profitability for Kramp’s extensive product range. The Director Product Management will build a strategy that will provide a profitable and competitive assortment by developing a strong product lifecycle, best-practice product management and optimization, which will positively impact the business’ P&L.

Reporting to Chief Commercial Officer Mario Babic, the Director Product Management will be given the freedom to shape the role themselves and develop the team of around 35 FTE to fit their own style to optimally deliver on Kramp’s business goals. The direct reports are the Product Group Managers for the two product groups, an International Pricing Manager, Project Manager, BI specialist, and Process Expert.

“I’m looking for someone solid who has their own vision and isn’t afraid to disagree with me. I want them to challenge me so we can come up with the best ideas together.” – Mario Babic, CCO

The Director Product Management will oversee the entire product lifecycle. They will ensure Kramp always has the right, high-quality and profitable product mix that best fits Kramp’s market. Using data-driven decisions, particular attention will be paid to the introduction of new products that fit market trends and customer needs.

Leadership is vital for the Director Product Management. You will manage a large team spread throughout Europe including the Netherlands, Denmark, France, and Poland. The Director Product Management will need to show exceptional leadership skills to put structures and processes in place to develop the team and by giving them the right support and smart goals. A professional and open approach to communication is essential.

The Director Product Management will cooperate closely with the sales organizations throughout the business. They will stay in regular contact to build an understanding of the specific local needs which will be reflected in Kramp’s product range. The Director Product Management will also work closely with Marketing and Procurement.

The combination of strategic and functional expertise, the leadership of a large team, and a key role in the continued international success make this position a unique opportunity with fantastic visibility and opportunities for the next step.



Kramp works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
To express your interest, contact Janko Klaeijsenat .


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