About Kramp

In the past sixtyfive years Kramp went from a one-man shop in Varsseveld to the largest agricultural wholesaler in Europe. The company provides dealers with spare parts, accessories and services. Kramp has 24 sales offices all over Europe and employs around 3,000 people.

Kramp stands for quality. The company enables its customers to focus on what they do best: running their business and not worry about availability of spare parts. With expert advice and fast 24/7 delivery and order processing, Kramp makes sure dealers can operate their business as efficiently as possible. For example by helping them set up and manage their (online) store. The company developed innovative service concepts. Kramp is not just a supplier, Kramp is a strategic partner. It’s that easy.

Family business with international grandeur

Kramp started out as a family business and in many ways still is. Their culture is down to earth, friendly, open and cooperative. Throughout all levels people are interested to hear everyone’s opinion.

Kramp uniquely combines the family business vibe with international success. The company operates in nearly every country in Europe and is exploring possibilities on other continents. That makes working for Kramp an international experience.

Pivotal years ahead

The coming years are momentous for the future of Kramp. The company will undergo a strategic transformation that will strengthen its market leadership.

One example of a big strategic transformation is the development of a full-fledged digital proposition. Fifteen years ago Kramp was the first in this business to have its own web shop. Now the company will be the first to put customer journeys at the core of its strategy. Kramp works towards a more profound way of using data and a more automated way of working.

Other strategic priorities for the coming years are for example innovating the dynamics of the value chain, expanding the international footprint and readying the supply chain for rapid expansion of the business.

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