Strategic Sourcing Project Manager

Strategic Sourcing Project Manager

  • Strategy
  • Technology
  • Veldhoven
  • Minimum of 4 years' experience
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Strategic Sourcing is a proven landing spot for consultants. In recent years, several consultants have successfully made the transition from firms such as Roland Berger, EY-Parthenon and KPMG. With the vast majority of parts being sourced externally, this team is key to success. The Strategic Sourcing Project Manager uses his/her strategic and analytical capabilities along with his/her excellent stakeholder management skills to develop the sourcing strategy that prolongs ASML’s amazing business performance.

About ASML

ASML invents and develops complex technology and machinery the semiconductor industry utilizes to create transistors and computer chips. The manufacturer keeps Moore’s Law alive by enabling its customers to produce ever smaller, cheaper and more powerful semiconductors. ASML is a catalyst for innovation and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.

ASML is headquartered in Veldhoven and employs over 23,000 people worldwide, spread across 60+ offices. In 2018 the high-tech giant’s net sales added up to 10.9 billion euro’s. A key driver behind the company’s success is innovation. That’s why over a third of ASML’s workforce and close to 1.5 billion euro’s each year are allocated to R&D.

Sourcing and make-buy is key

ASML’s lithography systems are built up from tens of thousands of parts, nearly all of them manufactured by suppliers. Deciding which competences (development and manufacturing) to build in-house and which to source externally is key to success. Another key part of ASML’s strategy is to support its suppliers in executing the sourcing.

With purchased goods making up for 85 percent of total manufacturing costs, it’s safe to say the future of ASML depends on its supplier network. As a high-tech system integrator, the company focuses on ultimate outsourcing and integration of its supply chain to secure long-term supply.

Vacancy: Strategic Sourcing Project Manager

The Strategic Sourcing Project Manager is responsible for preparing make-buy decisions for the executive committee. Furthermore she/he will develop the supply strategy for areas such as Optics, Mechatronics & Mechanics and Electrical Sourcing together with the responsible Category manager and all cross-sector stakeholders: Technology, Operations, Finance and Legal. She/he landscapes the supply base, creates early supplier involvement in development projects, balances long-term supply capacity with expected market requirements, prevents strategic lock-ins, optimizes deal structures to maximize ASML’s Total Cost of Ownership, and scouts new suppliers. The Strategic Sourcing Project Manager also builds (or has) expertise in the field of strategic deal structures and deal making, to execute and capitalize on different sourcing strategies.

The Strategic Sourcing Project Manager reports to Mark van Spall, Senior Director Strategic Sourcing, and has frequent exposure to senior leadership and the Board of Management.

“A Strategic Sourcing Project Manager has a huge impact on the business. ASML is growing fast and has an even brighter future. This is an amazing place to be right now, especially if you have a background in consulting.” – Paul van Meel, Strategic Sourcing Manager at ASML

Strategic view on sourcing

The Strategic Sourcing Project Manager focuses on developing a strategic, high-level perspective on sourcing. She/he builds an in-depth understanding of how make-buy decisions and the supplier landscape allow ASML to meet its long term business targets. The Strategic Sourcing Project Manager drives analytics to test hypotheses and to identify landscape improvements, e.g. through product market outlooks, TCO financials and quality studies.

The Strategic Sourcing Project Manager also leads a cross-sector team that decides on in-house versus outsourced product development and manufacturing.  That includes assessing the fit with potential suppliers, structuring business cases and drafting proposals for approval at ExCom level.

Strong career outlook

The role is a proven way for first-tier consultants to secure a promising career path within ASML. Potential next steps include product management, corporate marketing or a more senior sourcing function like category management. The Strategic Sourcing Project Manager works internationally which involves occasional travel.

ASML works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.

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